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Empower your creativity with advanced video and photo editing.
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InShot is a robust, all-in-one video editor and maker, designed to enable creators to take their video and photo editing to new levels. The application incorporates a range of features that facilitate not only video and photo editing but also the creation of photo collages.

Users can utilize powerful AI tools to enhance their content. The product includes a 'Smooth' feature for improving playback quality and enhancing slow-motion videos.

Users can apply exclusive effects, transitions, and AI effects to their content, as well as employing a host of annotations like text and stickers. The user interface is friendly, designed for ease of use and accessibility, making it suitable for beginners to pro editors.

Features cover a wide range of functionalities from cutouts, sky replacements, and speed curves to a music library and voiceovers. The platform updates regularly, offering new features to its users frequently.

InShot's Pro version offers extended features, although users highly regard the free version as well.


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InShot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Robust video editor and maker
Advanced photo editing
Collage creation feature
'Smooth' feature for better playback
Enhances slow-motion videos
Exclusive effects and transitions
Broad annotation options
User-friendly interface
Design suitable for beginners
Expert level functionalities
Range of features from cutouts to sky replacements
Speed curve adjustment
Music library incorporated
Voiceover feature
Frequent updates, new features
Pro version extends functionalities
Highly regarded free version
3D editing
Offers sky replacement feature
Auto caption feature
Tracks speed curves
Transitions add variety
Integrates a variety of stickers and text
Materials library for intros, outros, and transitions
Supports green screening
Collection of sound effects
Picture in picture (PIP) editing
Supports animations and detailed options
Automatic subtitle feature
Positive user reviews


No Desktop Version
Pro version required for all features
Regular updates can introduce bugs
Only online support
May be overwhelming for beginners
Limited library of effects/transitions
No collaborative features
No integration with other tools
Limited capacity for professional-level editing
No plugins/extensions support


What is InShot?
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What is the 'Smooth' feature in InShot?
What are the available effects and transitions in InShot?
What annotations can be used in InShot?
Does InShot have a user-friendly interface?
Does InShot provide a music library and voiceovers feature?
Is InShot updated regularly?
What additional features does InShot's Pro version offer?
Does InShot include a feature for creating photo collages?
Can I use InShot for both video and photo editing?
Does InShot provide cutouts and sky replacements?
Are there any unique AI features in InShot?
Is InShot beginner friendly?
Is InShot suitable for professional editors?
Does InShot enhance slow motion videos?
Does InShot allow for speed curve adjustments?
How does InShot improve playback quality?
Are there any exclusive AI effects in InShot?
Can I use text and stickers in my InShot content?

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