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Simple data analysis and visualization for non-experts.
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InsightJini is an AI-powered tool that allows users to upload their data and get instant insights and visualizations without the need for programming knowledge.

Users can upload Excel or CSV files, review their data, and explore their charts and insights in an intuitive interface. The tool aims to bridge the gap between traditional methods of data analysis, which can be time-consuming and require extensive manual effort, and code-based alternatives, which demand specialized programming skills.

The integration with ChatGPT allows users to engage in conversational interactions with their data, making the exploration process even more interactive and intuitive.

The tool can handle files up to 100MB and stores the data for 24 hours only before deleting it. InsightJini does not offer an API at the moment. The cost of using the tool depends on the number of task credits required for each file upload and the AI words consumed by the chatting feature.

The intuitive interface and automated data processing allow users to focus on exploring and understanding their data rather than wrestling with technical complexities.

Overall, InsightJini is a user-friendly and efficient tool for those looking to gain insights and visualizations from their data without the need for extensive coding or manual effort.


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Pros and Cons


Simple data analysis
Data visualization for non-experts
Excel, CSV file support
Interactive interface
ChatGPT integration
Interactive data exploration
Handles up to 100MB files
Data storage for 24 hours
No need for programming
Automated data processing
Credit-based cost
Drag and drop file upload
Interactive Q&A for data
Instant responses
Ability to delve deeper


No API availability
Limited data storage duration
File size maximum 100MB
No programming features
Costs per file upload
Only support CSV, Excel files
No language processing options


What is InsightJini?
What does InsightJini do?
Who can use InsightJini? Do I need any coding knowledge?
How does InsightJini work?
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What is the maximum file size accepted by InsightJini?
For how long does InsightJini store my data?
What happens to my data after 24 hours on InsightJini?
Does InsightJini provide an API for integration?
How much will it cost me to use InsightJini?
What are task credits in the context of InsightJini?
How does the ChatGPT integration enhance the functionality of InsightJini?
Can I explore my charts and insights in a conversation with my data on InsightJini?
How can InsightJini help me visualize my data?
Can InsightJini handle large and complex datasets?
What kind of insights can I get from using InsightJini?
How is InsightJini a better alternative to traditional data analysis methods?
What security measures does InsightJini have for data privacy?
How can I provide feedback or suggest new features for InsightJini?
Do I need JavaScript enabled to use InsightJini?

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