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Deep tech market intelligence.
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Insight Monk is a market intelligence platform that focuses on deep tech industries. The platform provides in-depth reports on trending topics in sectors such as healthcare, advanced materials and chemicals, aerospace and defense, agriculture and food technology, and automotive mobility, among others.

The reports cover a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence/machine learning, digital health, energy management and storage, smart agriculture, drones and aircraft, and precision optics.

The platform is powered by BIS Research and offers a global expert community. Users can sign up for free or choose from annual subscription plans. Once logged in, users have access to the Insight Navigator, a GPT-4 powered market intelligence expert.

The Navigator can help users find answers to their deep tech questions using an exact phrase search. Each report includes a detailed description and information about the publishing year.

Users can access reports on various topics, such as the global space-based edge computing market, the global Carbon Dioxide Removal market, and the U.S.

Orthopedic Imaging Modalities and Orthopedic Surgical Navigation market.Overall, Insight Monk is a comprehensive market intelligence platform for deep tech industries, providing insightful and detailed reports for users to make informed decisions in their businesses.


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Pros and Cons


In-depth reports
Covers multiple sectors
Global expert community
Free sign up
Annual subscription options
GPT-4 powered Navigator
Exact phrase search
Detailed report descriptions
Publishing year provided
Wide range report topics
Comprehensive market intelligence
Deep tech focus
Trending reports feature
Integrates with Product Hunt
Insight Q&A available


No localized market reports
Lacks realtime data updates
Doesn't support custom sectors
No language translation options
No mobile app
Only yearly subscriptions
Doesn't mention data sources
No community collaboration features
No pricing transparency
No trend prediction capabilities


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