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Insta Learn is an AI-powered tech learning platform that aims to enhance individuals' technical skills. Unlike generic learning platforms, it offers personalized courses tailored to suit each individual's preferences, allowing users to upskill based on their desired career trajectory.

With Insta Learn, users can engage in structured learning that opens doors to endless possibilities.The platform provides a range of features to facilitate learning.

Users can create custom courses for any topic, setting the duration of the course, the number of hours to be dedicated per day, and choose whether to consume content through blogs, videos, or podcasts.

Additionally, Insta Learn offers curated tasks and exercises related to the chosen topic, with an integrated coding editor that supports multiple programming languages.

All coding tasks are seamlessly synchronized with GitHub and undergo code review by an AI bot.Collaborative learning is also encouraged on Insta Learn, as users can share courses with friends and family, who can join using a shared URL and engage in daily learning activities together.The platform emphasizes upskilling to stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Structured learning enables users to develop problem-solving strategies, with the support of AI technology. Insta Learn is praised for its ability to create tailored courses that leverage existing knowledge and recommend suitable resources.Overall, Insta Learn offers individuals a flexible and customized approach to acquiring technical skills, supporting their career development and helping them adapt to the changing demands of the industry.


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