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Transforming sketches and screenshots into interactive dashboards.
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Instachart is a tool designed to quickly turn sketches, mockups, and screenshots into interactive Luzmo dashboards. It provides seamless functionality compatible with various modes of input.

Users can upload visuals or utilize the device's camera to capture sketches and images. These inputs are then transformed, generating interactive dashboards that grant more in-depth and accessible analysis of data.

This tool covers a wide range of uses as demonstrated by their featured dashboards which include, but not limited to, cystic fibrosis research, employee training and assessment, sensor data analysis, and retail sales.

Users can view these dashboards to glean insights and interpret complex data. The ease of accessibility and use make it a powerful tool for data visualization and analysis.

The tool encapsulates the essence of intuitive design and functionality, making it suitable for a diverse range of sectors and applications.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms sketches into dashboards
Converts screenshots to dashboards
Upload functionality for visuals
Camera usage for inputs
In-depth data analysis
Accessible data interpretation
Diverse sector application
Used for cystic fibrosis research
Used in employee training
Used in sensor data analysis
Applied in retail sales
Intuitive design
Sign up functionality
Feature-rich dashboards
Interactive Luzmo dashboards
Mocks conversion
Multi-mode input compatibility
Handles complex data insights


Limited to Luzmo dashboards
No API mentioned
Upload visuals only
Can't handle video inputs
Device-specific camera usage
No multiple dashboard types
No real-time data
No customization options


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