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Call analysis for business performance and compliance.
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The InteliConvo® Speech Analytics platform is a state-of-the-art AI-powered tool that allows businesses to process and analyze 100% of recorded customer conversations.

This analysis provides businesses with deeper insights into customer buying patterns, buying intents, sentiments, willingness to pay, and feedback about their products and brand image.

These valuable insights can be utilized to automate business workflows, improve team performance, accelerate sales, enhance debt collections, boost customer experience, and ensure compliance.The platform offers multilingual support, capable of processing and analyzing audio calls in Hindi, English, and 46 other international languages with high transcription accuracy.

It also provides flexible deployment options, allowing businesses to deploy the platform on-premise or on the cloud with ease. The platform is cloud agnostic, meaning it can be deployed on various cloud platforms.By leveraging the InteliConvo® Speech Analytics platform, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, leading to better decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

The tool's advanced capabilities in speech analytics and automation empower businesses to optimize their workflows and drive better results across various areas such as sales, collections, customer experience, and compliance.

Ultimately, the InteliConvo® Speech Analytics platform enables businesses to unlock and leverage the potential insights hidden within customer conversations to drive growth and success.

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Pros and Cons


Analyzes 100% recorded conversations
Extracts customer buying patterns
Identifies buying intents
Sentiments analysis
Determines willingness to pay
Captures customer feedback
Workflow automation
Improves team performance
Accelerates sales
Enhances debt collections
Boosts customer experience
Ensures compliance
Multilingual support (48 languages)
High transcription accuracy
Flexible deployment options
Cloud agnostic
On-premise deployment option
Hot lead identifier
Debt default predictor
Insights for brand improvement
Compliance monitor


Transcription accuracy not specified
Unlawful words feature unclear
Unknown hot lead criteria
Debt defaulter prediction vague
Pricing not specified
No specific technical support
No API mentioned
No specific data privacy
Dependent on recorded calls
Platform's resource usage unclear


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