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Email writing acceleration.
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IntelliMail is a Chrome extension that helps users generate emails in a fraction of the time it would take to write them manually. It is designed to save users time and effort while still providing them with an accurate and personalized email.

The extension does not store any of the user's email data, preserving their privacy. Furthermore, IntelliMail offers users the opportunity to provide feedback to the developers and to support them with a 'Buy me a coffee' donation.

IntelliMail is an easy to use, safe and secure Chrome extension for those who want to speed up their emailing process.

IntelliMail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Speeds up email writing
Highly accurate
Personalized emails
No data storage
Respects user privacy
User feedback option
Donation support option
Secure and safe
Easy to use
Streamlines emailing process
Eliminates manual email composition


Only for Chrome browser
Lacks data storage
Limited personalization features
No mobile support
No direct customer support
No multi-language support
Donation based support model


What is IntelliMail?
How does IntelliMail help with email writing?
How does IntelliMail save time and effort in email writing?
Does IntelliMail store any user email data?
Is IntelliMail safe and secure?
How can I install the IntelliMail extension?
How can I provide feedback to the IntelliMail developers?
What is the 'Buy me a coffee' donation option on IntelliMail?
Can I use IntelliMail on any other browser besides Chrome?
How does IntelliMail generate personalized emails?
Does IntelliMail require special permissions on my computer?
How does IntelliMail handle my privacy?
Can I use IntelliMail for both personal and professional emails?
Does IntelliMail offer support for different languages?
Can I control the type of language or tone used in the emails generated by IntelliMail?
Does IntelliMail have an option for spell checking or grammar correction?
Are there any limitations to the number of emails that IntelliMail can generate?
Where can I download IntelliMail extension?
Do I need to have coding skills to use IntelliMail?
How does IntelliMail ensure the emails it generates are accurate?


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