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Optimize and personalize websites with AI.
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Intellimize is an AI-driven platform specializing in website personalization and conversion rate optimization. It provides marketers with a multifunctional space to test, optimize, and personalize their website experiences.

The platform possesses the ability to run unlimited variations, therefore facilitating the rapid testing of new concepts and ideas. Using its generative AI technology, it also offers solutions to writer's block by providing copy suggestions.The greatest strength of Intellimize is its ability to deliver 1:1 personalizations using AI optimization.

It showcases unique website variations to each visitor based on their individual behavior and preferences, thus personalizing the user experience without the need for first or third-party data.The Intellimize platform supports a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to SaaS and ecommerce.

It can be used for A/B testing, landing page optimization and specific personalization for ecommerce and SaaS operations.The platforms analytics feature provides insights into the effects of one's experiments on different segments, helping users understand the impact of their strategic decisions.

Notable is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various marketing and analytics tools.In addition to its AI technology, Intellimize offers professional services, a customer success team, and guided onboarding.

The professional services team is an extension of the platforms capabilities and includes Strategical and Analytical CRO experts to help users achieve their optimization goals.


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Intellimize was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive suite of tools
Includes A/B testing
Rules-based personalization
Continuous Conversion technology
Run unlimited variations
Results achieved faster
One-click playbooks
Advanced analytics
Customer success team
Professional services
Behavior-based Personalization
Supports SaaS and ecommerce
Optimizing landing pages
1:1 personalizations
No first or third-party data required
Seamless integration with marketing and analytics tools
Guided onboarding
Analytical CRO experts
Specific personalizations for ecommerce
Helps run experiments across segments
25X faster than conventional solutions
Raises conversion rates
Generates huge lifts in account sign-ups
Boosts digital transactions
Support through slack, email, or phone
Strategic CRO experts
Personalized website experiences for any marketing campaign
Test velocity with one-click playbooks
100% personalization for known & anonymous visitors
Help Center Support
Variable website personalization for each visitor


No third-party data integration
Dependence on customer behavior
Restrictive for non-marketing users
Limited industry applicability
No stated multi-language support
Possible over-simplification of analytics
No explicit mobile optimization
No free or trial version
No offline functionality


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