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Intelogos is a workforce analytics and AI-powered performance management tool designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency and employee wellbeing through data-driven insights.

The software provides all-in-one workforce analytics and performance management capabilities, including detailed workforce analysis for deeper insights into team activities and growth support.With Intelogos, time tracking and attendance are simplified, offering project and team-specific tracking and detailed reports providing an overview of availability patterns.

The AI performance management feature uses artificial intelligence to collect objective data and analyze it, offering recommendations to increase team performance and company growth.The tool also presents an automated award system for employee recognition to let your team feel valued and appreciated.

Burnout is minimized through employee monitoring software that identifies potential stressors, allowing intervention and creation of a balanced work environment.The platform allows customization and simplification of the time off management policy with an automatic approval feature and an intuitive calendar.

Workforce analytics, computer-based work data, and third-party tool feedback are used to recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable feedback.

Also included are features to foster company-wide discussions and celebrations, and automate routine tasks such as time-off approvals, company directory setup, understanding headcount, and workload.With a focus on privacy and transparency, Intelogos assures no data intrusion and provides users with access to their own info and stats, thereby helping in career growth.

Its offerings are beneficial for owners, CEOs, HR Managers, Team Leads, and employees to streamline operations, manage workload effectively, boost engagement, and aid in continuous growth.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic people analytics
Real-time performance data
Personal statistic updates daily
Logos for data summary
Interactive dashboard features
Time tracking and attendance
Engagement and leaderboard support
Useful across various industries
Supports different workplace modes
Automated data collection and analysis
User-friendly experience
Simple pricing options
Automated award system
Burnout prevention feature
Customizable time off management
Privacy and transparency focused
Access to individual stats
Beneficial for multiple roles
Detailed workforce analysis
Workforce and people analytics
Simplified time off approvals
Employee recognition system
Gamification and awards
Preventative burnout analytics
Workload and headcount understanding
Objective data collection
Project-specific tracking
Availability patterns overview
Automatic task routines
Non-intrusive data collection
Employee wellbeing focus
Data-driven decision making
Team building tools
Peer-driven recognition
Workforce productivity optimization
Custom company directory setup
Actionable feedback aid
Individual strength recognition
Team discussion fostering features
Automated company operations
Transparent individual user access
Career growth data provision
Real-time team analytics
Balanced workload distribution
Company-wide celebration facilities
Personal growth platform
Quality improvement tools
14-day free trial


No integration with other platforms
No mobile application
Doesn't provide anonymized drawbacks
No multilingual support
Unspecified pricing details
Unspecified data storage limit
Only email support mentioned
Limited industries catered
No chatbot for instant help
No explicit offline capabilities


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How can Intelogos assist in creating effective teams using analytics and AI?

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