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Team improvement analytics & data-driven suggestions.
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Intelogos is an automatic people analytics and performance management tool that aims to help teams improve. It collects performance data and generates suggestions to support team growth.

The tool offers several features, including stats, logos, dashboard, time tracking, time off, engagement, and leaderboards.Stats provide deep human analytics that describe the main criteria for success at work.

These personal statistics are measured in the background in real-time and updated daily. Logos build on top of stats by analyzing thousands of data points each second to provide summary observations and suggestions for improvement.The dashboard serves as a company HQ, offering an overview of essential company activities such as time-offs, leaderboards, team performance, and team-building opportunities.

It enables managers and employees to gain insights on their team's performance and make informed decisions.Intelogos offers solutions for various industries, including development, design, marketing, startups, human resources, law firms, finance, and more.

It caters to different use cases such as remote work, hybrid teams, office employees, call centers, data entry, and outsourcing.The tool emphasizes automation, allowing companies to run on autopilot by providing powerful performance data without excessive effort.

By automating data collection and analysis, it helps managers understand their team better and improve overall work quality.Intelogos aims to provide a user-friendly experience with simple pricing options.

The tool offers a beta version for users to test and provides resources such as blogs, a roadmap, and career opportunities. The tool respects privacy and adheres to its privacy policy and terms of service.


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Intelogos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time performance data
Automatic data analytics
Improvement suggestions
Detailed human analytics
Time tracking feature
Dashboard overview
Emphasizes team growth
Leaderboards for motivation
Engagement tracking
Data-driven performance management
Supports diverse industries
Applications for various use-cases
Resourceful blog and roadmap
Respects user privacy
Offers beta version
Simple pricing options
Automated company operations
Anticipates problems
Seizes opportunities
Background data measurements
Daily statistics update
Diverse team applications
Career opportunities offered
Available for remote work
Supports hybrid teams
Ideal for office employees
Great for call centers
Functional for data entry
Optimized for outsourcing
Real-time team performance insights
Automated feedback provision
Company health overview
Supports team-building opportunities
Full insights into time-offs
Marketing team optimization
Supports startups
Ideal for human resources
For law firms application
Optimized for finance sector


Too automated, lacks personal touch
Possibly intrusive data collection
Heavy reliance on stats
Might not suit small teams
No mobile app mentioned
Not enough details on privacy
Unclear data retention policies
Unnamed data points maybe irrelevant
Unknown response to prediction errors
Unspecified tool compatibility


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