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Quiz creation for lead gen and customer engagement.
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Interact AI is an automated quiz creation tool that simplifies the process of generating engaging quizzes. It offers a user-friendly solution for businesses looking to create quizzes without the need for extensive AI knowledge or writing prompts.

The Interact platform provides a comprehensive suite of features to build customized quizzes for various business promotions. By simply entering their website URL, users can utilize the quiz generator, which analyzes the site to generate a relevant quiz.

The generated quiz can then be further customized using the easy-to-use builder before launching.In addition to quiz creation, Interact offers analytics and software integrations to help businesses collect leads and gain insights into their customers.

Leveraging the provided quiz analytics, businesses can obtain valuable information about their audience.Interact AI was developed by a team initially focused on lead generation quizzes, with years of expertise in creating high-engagement, high-converting quizzes.

Through extensive testing with beta customers, they fine-tuned the ChatGPT prompts, effectively transforming customer feedback into a questionnaire that mediates between users and the AI-powered quiz maker.With Interact AI, businesses can quickly build unique and high-quality quizzes, promoting their products or services while generating qualified leads.

Its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities make it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to engage their customers through quizzes.


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