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Interactive learning for education & training.
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The Interactive Tutor is an AI-powered tool that allows users to enhance their content by transforming it into interactive learning experiences. It is designed for educators, employers, eLearning providers, and self-learners.

With the Interactive Tutor, users can upload their content and customize their own AI tutor, which can then be embedded onto a website or shared on the app.The tool enables users to make their content more engaging and powerful by allowing learners to ask questions, receive examples, and understand the material in their own words.

This interactive approach aims to boost user understanding and engagement. Employers can use the Interactive Tutor to enhance employee understanding and productivity, while educational institutions can provide students with a personalized study companion.

Self-learners can also benefit from the tool as it supports self-directed learning.The Interactive Tutor can be tailored to specific needs and preferences, allowing users to customize the branding and determine the behavior of their AI tutor.

It also provides the ability to track user queries, gaining insights into learner interactions.To access the Interactive Tutor, users can download the app and obtain unique codes provided by the tutor creators.

The tool offers different pricing plans with varying features and capabilities, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their requirements.

The tool emphasizes affordability, flexibility, and transparency, with no hidden fees.Overall, the Interactive Tutor offers a user-friendly and customizable AI-powered solution for creating interactive learning experiences.


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Pros and Cons


Website and app embedding
Boosts user understanding and engagement
Supports self-directed learning
Trackable user queries
Multiple pricing plans
No hidden fees
User-friendly interface
Optimized for educators and employers
Option to customize branding
Supports multiple languages
Secure and safe
Affordable pricing
Allows file and information inputs
Enhances productivity
Turns static content interactive
Provides personalized study companion
Provides unique access codes
Student discount available
Unlimited embedding
Allows full UI theming
Automatic data sources refresh
Enterprise-grade data security
Training through YouTube videos, MP4, MP3
Zapier API integration


Requires app download
Needs unique access codes
Limited training words
Limited queries per month
Limited data sources
Extra costs for customization
Branding on lower tiers
Lack of inbuilt themes


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Can I track user interactions with the Interactive Tutor?
How do users access the Interactive Tutor?
Is there a mobile app for the Interactive Tutor?
How much does it cost to use the Interactive Tutor?
Does the Interactive Tutor offer different pricing plans?
Can the Interactive Tutor be embedded on different websites?
How can I customize the branding of the Interactive Tutor?
What kind of content can be transformed into interactive learning experiences with the Interactive Tutor?
How does the Interactive Tutor support self-directed learning?
What types of users can benefit from the Interactive Tutor?
What languages does the Interactive Tutor support?
How secure is user data with the Interactive Tutor?
Can the Interactive Tutor be used for legal or complex topics?
Does the Interactive Tutor offer any discounts for students?
Can the learners ask questions directly to the Interactive Tutor?

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