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An app for virtual interior design and staging.
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Interior AI is an AI-powered app that provides interior design ideas and virtual staging for real estate listings. Using Artificial Intelligence, the app can detect the construction of a room (walls, ceiling, beams) and generate interior design ideas and mockups.

It can also be used to virtually stage interiors in different styles, such as Chinese New Year, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Midcentury Modern, Zen, Tropical, Industrial, Biophilic, Art Deco, Farmhouse, Bohemian, Vintage, Rustic, Japanese Design, Cottagecore, Coastal, French Country, Art Nouveau, Cyberpunk, Maximalist, Baroque, Christmas, Gaming Room, Ski Chalet, Sketch, Vaporwave, Tribal, Medieval, Halloween, Easter, and Neoclassical.

Interior AI also allows users to upload images of their current interiors to generate ideas and mockups, with the option of creating high resolution or low resolution renders.

For added privacy, users can upgrade to Pro and get their own private workspace and render HQ renders without watermark and deletion.


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Nov 2, 2023

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Pros and Cons


Detects room construction
Generates design ideas
Virtual staging for real estate
Offers diverse styles
Upload images for ideas
High or low resolution renders
Private workspace for Pro users
HQ renders without watermark (Pro)
User-friendly interface
Minimum photo requirements explained
Auto deletion of images after 15 mins
Different types of rooms included
Three styles of rendering: Virtual staging, Interior Design, Freestyle
Variety in number of renders
Privacy level selection
Download photos options for Pro
Artificial Intelligence incorporated design tools
Room construction detection
Adaptable to various styles
Two resolution quality choices
Private and public renders
Option to recycle previous designs
Suitable for real estate listings
Multi-style compatibility
High versatility in rooms


High resolution only for Pro
No API mentioned
Struggles with angled images
Payment issues recently reported
Limited privacy for non-Pro
Limited styles for non-Pro
Variable speed of render
Requires specific types of images
No multi-room handling
Multiple features Pro-only


What is Interior AI?
How does Interior AI use artificial intelligence in the interior design process?
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How does Interior AI detect the construction of a room?
Which styles can Interior AI generate for virtual staging?
How can I upload my existing interior designs to the Interior AI app?
What is the difference between high resolution and low resolution renders in the Interior AI app?
How can I upgrade to Pro on Interior AI?
What are the benefits of upgrading to Pro on Interior AI?
What kind of interiors can I stage with Interior AI?
Can I use Interior AI for commercial spaces like restaurants or hotels?
Can I use images generated by Interior AI as input for more designs?
Can Interior AI design outdoor spaces?
What is the 'Mix w/ Original' option in Interior AI?
What are the different modes available in Interior AI and how do they differ?
Can Interior AI give me ideas for special occasions like Christmas?
How does Interior AI handle user privacy?
Can Interior AI work with angled or wide-angle photos?
How long does it take for Interior AI to generate a design?
What is the process of using Interior AI to get interior design ideas?

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