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Suggested interior design styles & inspiration.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that helps to generate ideas and inspiration for interior and exterior design projects. The tool provides various design styles to choose from and allows users to change the style of their homes using AI. uses a fork of imaginAIry and is developed with Django for the website. The tool also provides other AI tools such as Image Editor AI, Video Editor AI, and Remove Background AI. offers two different plans, PRO and PRO for Teams, which allow unlimited image editing and faster, higher quality images. Additionally, users can ask for extra conversion tools to be added, and the tool provides a commercial usage license for 1 person or 10 people depending on the plan chosen.

The website also offers various language options, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more. Overall, is a useful tool for anyone looking to explore new interior and exterior design ideas and get inspiration for their design projects.


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Pros and Cons


Various design styles
Change home style
Pro and Pro Teams plans
Unlimited image editing
Faster, high quality images
Extra conversion tools on request
Commercial usage license
Multiple language options
Interior & exterior design assistance
Django for website development
Provides design inspiration
Supports exterior decoration too
Privacy protection on renders
No restricted functions
Customizable prompt restrictions
Generated design count displayed
Private account creation
User-friendly interface
Diverse range of tools
Option to increase conversion limit
Allowance for team collaboration
Website developed by professionals


Limited commercial usage licenses
Only two subscription plans
Dependent on forked software
Potential restrictions on prompts
Excess conversion limit restrictions
No mentioned compatibility with other softwares
Lack of technical support mentioned
Limited to image editing
No free version provided
Reliant on Django for website


What is
How does the AI of generate design ideas?
What kind of design styles can I choose from on
What types of AI tools does provide apart from interior design generation?
What is the difference between PRO and PRO for Teams plans on
How can I request to add extra conversion tools on
What are the benefits of a commercial usage license on
What languages does support?
How does's Image Editor AI work?
Can I use even if I don't have any design knowledge?
How does protect my privacy and the privacy of my designs?
Can I use video editing AI tools provided by
How does offer faster and higher quality images in the PRO and PRO for Teams plan?
How will's services like image editing, video editing and interior designing get affected if I choose to get extra conversion tools added?
How many images can I edit if I subscribe to the PRO for Teams plan on
What other tools offers related to design?
How does help in providing inspiration for exterior design?
What is the commercial usage license provided by
What are the limitations of the free use of
Does use any open-source AI software for their platform?

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