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AI-powered tool that assists during your interviews.
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Interview Assistant is an AI-powered tool designed to aid users during their technical interviews. This tool acts as a personal interview coach, guiding users through difficult technical and behavioral questions.

The tool provides real-time suggestions and strategies to help users present their expertise with authenticity and confidence, thus relieving some of the pressures of interviewing.

It caters to a wide range of technical professionals, from coders to designers to data analysts, and provides personalized assistance in any technical domain.

Users pay a one-time fee, giving them total ownership of the application and continual updates with no hidden costs. Privacy is a primary focus of the tool, with all chats stored exclusively on the user's device.

The interview assistant not only aids during the interview but also provides constructive feedback after the session, enhancing continuous improvement.

Functionality-wise, the tool requires an OpenAI Key to operate, and it provides accurate AI-generated answers during interviews. Users can input their interview transcript and based on the content, the AI provides responses in various coding languages or in different spoken languages.

The tool also offers capabilities to evaluate performances post-interview, providing a 'score', courtesy of the GPT4 model.


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Interview Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time assistance
Personal interview coaching
Caters to wide range of professionals
One-time fee ownership
Constant updates
Emphasizes privacy
Provides post-interview feedback
Can transcribe interviews
Responds in various coding languages
Supported in different spoken languages
Post-interview performance evaluation
Aids both technical, behavioral interviews
Data stored on user's device
Helps in interview transparency
Helps present expertise authentically
Generates answers in user-preferred coding language
Multi-language support for code responses
Gives user confidence during interviews
No hidden costs
Enhances continuous improvement
Flexible in generating interview solutions
Accurate performance evaluation
Supports multiple audio output devices
Free trial period
Option to input interview transcript
Easy logging
Email authentication for security
Settings customization
Conversation scoring feature
Helps in system design questions
Understands candidate potentials
Able to change language preferences
Built-in speaker and microphone support
Supports multiple transcription models
User-friendly interface
Option for local transcription models
Refund policy
Live demo video
Sample resume template for professionals


One-time payment
Iterative Feedback
Device-based privacy
Real-time strategies may distract
Limited to technical interviews
Depends on GPT4 model
Limited marker for performance 'score'
Language and coding language specifics


What is Interview Assistant?
How does Interview Assistant assist users during their technical interviews?
What type of feedback does Interview Assistant provide after the interview?
Can Interview Assistant provide assistance in various technical domains such as coding, designing, and data analysis?
How is privacy maintained in Interview Assistant?
What does the one-time fee for Interview Assistant include?
What is the OpenAI key and why is it necessary for Interview Assistant?
How does Interview Assistant provide response in different spoken languages?
Can Interview Assistant evaluate and score my interview performance?
How can I use Interview Assistant to prepare for my interview?
How does Interview Assistant help in interview strategy and presentation skills?
Which version of GPT model does Interview Assistant use for operations?
How can I input my interview transcript into Interview Assistant?
Can Interview Assistant provide responses in different coding languages?
Is Interview Assistant useful for both technical and behavioral interviews?
Can Interview Assistant help me present my expertise with confidence?
How does Interview Assistant provide real-time suggestions during interviews?
What happens after I pay the one-time fee for Interview Assistant?
Can I get Interview Assistant updates after paying the one-time fee?
How does Interview Assistant aid continuous improvement after an interview session?

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