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Practice job interviews with a mobile app.
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Interview Prep AI is an AI-driven mobile application that helps jobseekers prepare for job interviews. It simulates realistic job interviews and provides feedback to the user, enabling them to practice and improve their interview skills.

To use the tool, users can upload their CV by either pasting the text or uploading a document, and then fill out initial information such as job description, interview type, and language.

Users can then practice multiple iterations of a live interview by talking with the AI bot, which provides instantaneous feedback on their performance.

The application keeps the information provided by the user private and does not store it on its servers, ensuring confidentiality. The tool is geared towards job seekers who want to improve their interview skills, overcome anxiety, and increase their chances of getting a job offer.

It also saves users time by allowing them to practice as many times as they want, without waiting for actual interviews. Overall, Interview Prep AI is a useful and innovative tool for job seekers to prepare for job interviews and gain confidence in their abilities.


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Interview Prep AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Mobile app support
CV upload functionality
Job description customization
Variety of interview simulations
Instant feedback
Multi-language support
Unlimited practice
Personalized with user information
Easy to start using
Practical interview preparation
Great for overcoming anxiety
Stress-free practice environment
Confidentiality of data
Affords job seekers flexibility
Increased job offer chances
Realistic interview experience
Services are free to use
User-friendly UI
Text conversion of uploaded CV
Potential in boosting confidence
Accessible practice anywhere
Time-saving tool
Cookies for enhanced user experience
Privacy policy available
Convenient navigation features


Requires mobile device
Requires CV upload
Limited interview styles
Lacks non-verbal cues assessment
Limited language options
Limited personalization
Cannot simulate real human interaction
Undefined pricing structure
Potential privacy concerns
No offline usage


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