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Interview prep app with instant feedback.
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InterviewAI is an interview preparation app that helps users ace job interviews. It allows users to generate 10 interview questions related to their desired position, including background, situational, and technical questions.

Users can answer these questions using voice recognition technology and receive instant feedback. The app also offers the ability to search previous interviews and questions.

Each question can be answered up to three times, allowing users to practice and improve their responses. The grading and feedback system provided by InterviewAI is designed to help users enhance their performance in job interviews.

It offers detailed feedback on answers to common interview questions, including suggestions for improvement and performance data. This enables users to identify areas for growth and become more confident and skilled interviewees.

In addition to interview practice and feedback, InterviewAI can also generate personalized cover letters based on the user's desired job position and qualifications.

It supports multiple languages, allowing users to write their cover letters in their preferred language. The app is useful for a variety of users, including students, recent graduates, job seekers, and hiring managers.

It offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to practice and receive feedback anytime, anywhere. InterviewAI is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and web, ensuring accessibility across different devices.

Overall, InterviewAI provides a comprehensive platform for interview preparation, offering interview question generation, practice, feedback, and personalized cover letter generation to help users succeed in their job interviews.


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Pros and Cons


Generates interview questions
Provides instant feedback
Allows multiple attempts
Detailed feedback system
Personalized cover letter generation
Supports multiple languages
Available on multiple platforms
Search previous interviews
Grading and feedback system
Performance data provided
Cost-effective efficiency
Improved speaking skills
Free cover letter service
Tailored questions for each role
Useful for various user categories
Identifies areas for improvement
Job-specific cover letters
Referral program offers free tokens
High data security standards
Supports voice recognition technology
Practice history saved across devices
Feedback includes evaluation and suggestion
Free token for new users
Referrals earn free tokens
Job description and industry analysis
Offers background, situational, technical questions
Service accessible on desktop, mobile, tablet
Automatically generated cover letters
Suggestions based on best interviewing practices


Limited question attempts
No free trial
No refund policy
Pricing reliant on tokens
Possible language limitations
Limited to 10 questions
Requires microphone access
No offline functionality


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