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Solve algorithmic problems during interviews with our software.
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Interview Helper[JSProEdition] is a software tool created to help individuals excel in technical interviews by solving algorithmic problems in multiple programming languages.

It's primarily designed for those undergoing coding or technical evaluations with prospective employers. It provides optimized code, explanations, and guidance via a Telegram bot.

This tool allows user interactions to occur in real-time amidst a live interview scenario without external observers noticing its usage.Another key feature of this tool is its Chrome extension.

As a browser add-on, users can seamlessly use the tool without drawing attention, thereby upholding their professionalism and subtly boosting their confidence during interviews.

The Chrome extension facilitates navigation, usage, and feeds information tailored towards the user's needs.As a commitment to security and privacy, Interview Helper[JSProEdition] adheres to a stringent privacy policy.

This addresses the users's concerns about how their information is stored, used, and protected by the software. The product aims to strike the balance between assisted performance in technical interviews and respecting user privacy.While the primary focus of the tool is on interview preparation and real-time assistance, its functionalities might also find relevance among individuals looking to generally improve their problem-solving skills in programming.

It can serve as a supplemental study tool with the help of its compiled solutions and explanations.


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Pros and Cons


Solves algorithmic problems
Multi-language support
Real-time interview assistance
Unnoticeable usage
Provides optimized code
Detailed explanations
Guidance via Telegram bot
Chrome extension feature
Seamless usage
Boosts user confidence
Maintains user professionalism
Facilitates navigation
Tailored information
Strong privacy policy
Security oriented
Improves problem-solving skills
Useful study aid
Compiled solutions
Helps with interview preparation
Inconspicuous assistance


Limited to Chrome browser
Reliant on Telegram
May worsen problem-solving skills
Might breach interview ethics
Dependent on internet connectivity
No offline version
Lack of multi-browser support
Could lead to reliance
Not ideal for learning
Potential privacy issues


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