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Automated job interview coaching with feedback.
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InterviewIgniter is an AI-powered tool designed to help you prepare for behavioral interviews and secure your dream job. With a comprehensive question bank, mock interviews, articles, videos, and other resources, the tool provides personalized feedback on your answers to behavioral interview questions.

The AI Coach is always available, ready to help you refine your responses and build confidence for your actual interview. The app allows you to practice as often as you need, at any time that suits you, and provides feedback based on popular frameworks like the STAR method and Amazon leadership principles.

The tool also offers a guide called the Behavioral Interview Blueprint, which helps you learn and gain expertise in the art of behavioral interviews. Each chapter provides insights and practical advice with real-world examples, known as cheat codes, which help give you an advantage in any interview scenario.

Overall, InterviewIgniter helps you gain the skills, experiences, and attributes to showcase your talents effectively during a behavioral interview and land your dream job.

The app is currently free during the testing phase and collects feedback for improvements. The tool's comprehensive nature and cutting-edge AI capabilities make it a trusted resource for anyone trying to ace their next behavioral interview.


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Interviewigniter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated interview coaching
Personalized feedback on answers
Unlimited practice sessions
Feedback based on STAR method
Incorporates Amazon leadership principles
Behavioral Interview Blueprint guide
Real-world example cheat codes
Free in testing phase
Mock interviews feature
Real-world scenario simulations
Comprehensive question bank
Role-specific question examples
Interview article resources
Video learning resources
Dedicated sign-in option
Convenient sign-up process
Feedback collection for improvements


No mobile app
Free only during testing phase
Output based on popular frameworks only
Limited to behavioral interview prep
Doesn't mimic real interview environment
No multi-language support
Requires account creation
Limited job roles and industries
No live interview practice
No offline capability


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