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Easily validate patents for innovation.
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IPscreener is an AI tool that helps individuals and professionals explore and understand patents. It offers an easy way to conduct patent searches, validate ideas, and check if an idea has already been patented by someone else.

IPscreener also provides a tailored dashboard of trends, activities, and competitors to inform users' decisions. The tool allows for easy collaboration among teams, as results can be saved and shared instantly.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide, it claims to have analyzed over 20,000 cases with an average search speed of 2.9 seconds. IPscreener guarantees maximum security and privacy, offering a private and encrypted vault for all user data, personal information, and invention ideas.

The tool is accessible to both innovators and IP professionals, with different starter options for each group. Overall, IPscreener aims to increase knowledge and help users make informed decisions in the innovation landscape.


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IPscreener was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast search speed
Dashboard for trends
Facilitates smooth collaboration
Enables idea validation
Encrypted data storage
Broad technology knowledge coverage
Instant results sharing
Efficient in patent searching
Applicable for innovators and professionals
Option for free trial
Supports purpose-based discovery
Ensures maximum security
Strong industry trust
Smart and instant reports
Exclusive starter options
Offcloud data safeguarding
Highly accessible
Assisted exploration of patents


No mobile application
Dashboard lacks customization
No multi-language support
No API for integrations
Scrapped data can't be exported
Doesn't support real-time collaborations
No offline access
No pricing information available


What is IPscreener?
How does IPscreener work?
Why use IPscreener for patent searches?
What type of data can be found through IPscreener?
How fast is the search process in IPscreener?
Can IPscreener validate if an idea has been previously patented?
What kind of dashboards does IPscreener provide?
What is the IPscreener collaboration feature?
How does IPscreener ensure security and privacy?
How many cases has IPscreener successfully analyzed?
What are the starter options for innovators and IP professionals in IPscreener?
How can IPscreener help in making informed decisions in the innovation landscape?
Is IPscreener accessible to individuals without professional patent experience?
Can I share my search results from IPscreener with my team?
What companies trust IPscreener for their patent searches?
How does IPscreener use AI in patent searches?
What does IPscreener mean by 'A Treasure of Knowledge Hidden in Patents'?
Can IPscreener also analyze activities of competitors?
Are there specific packages for IP professionals?
How can IPscreener assist in the discovery of the innovation landscape?

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