Writing 02 Mar 2023
Text and image generation for business.

Generated by ChatGPT

Isaax is an easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence Assistant that aims to revolutionize the way people work by increasing workflow and saving precious hours with the help of AGX Artificial Intelligence.

The tool offers a selection of AI text and image generation tools to create custom content for business needs, such as summarizing texts, text writing/rewriting, generating keyword lists, and checking grammar and spelling mistakes.

Isaax also provides tools for generating SEO-optimized titles and descriptions for web pages, as well as creating blog article ideas and outlines, video ideas and titles, and ad campaign titles and descriptions.

In addition, the AI Assistant offers more creative features like text to emoji conversion, suggested tweet generation, Instagram caption creation, and catchy name ideas for products or projects.

Isaax is a platform with room for further development, and the team promises to reveal many more features in the future. The tool is created by AGX and utilizes cookies to improve the online experience of users.

It also features comprehensive privacy settings allowing users to control their personal Cookie services. Overall, Isaax is a useful and flexible tool that can save users time and increase their productivity in various aspects of content creation and marketing.


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