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ITCOMMS generates time-saving press releases.
Generated by ChatGPT

ITCOMMS's AI-powered Press Release Generator is a tool that enables users to create flawless press releases effortlessly and quickly. The generator leverages ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence technology, and expertise to create texts that meet users' specific needs.

With this tool, users can generate three custom press release options delivered straight to their inbox in minutes by filling out a form. The press releases created by this tool are guaranteed to be unique and its streamlined process saves users time and money.

Users can generate a press release in mere minutes, eliminating the need for professional personnel, thereby adding to their progressive image. The form that users fill out for generating the press release includes fields for the date and location where the press release will be issued, the main topic of the press release, important information related to the main topic, unique selling proposition (USP), the intended audience for the press release, a quote from a key participant or industry expert, the position and/or title of the person whose quote is included, a brief standard description of the company, including its mission, key products or services, and contact information, the media type for distribution, the language in which the press release should be generated, and contact information for journalists or media representatives to request additional information or clarification.

Overall, the AI-powered Press Release Generator by ITCOMMS creates quality and impactful press releases that get results and enables users to save time and resources, thereby making it a valuable tool for any PR agency or company.


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ITComms was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates press releases quickly
Uses ChatGPT technology
Delivers three custom options
Delivers to user inbox
Reduces need for personnel
Creates unique press releases
Saves time and money
Boosts progressive image
Allows user-defined topic
Allows user-defined audience
Includes industry expert quote
Creates company description
Allows user-defined distribution medium
Generates in multiple languages
Offers journalists' contact information
Form-based interface
Quality and impactful texts
Inclusion of unique selling proposition (USP)
Includes product features or event details
Covers contact information inclusion


Limited language options
Requires extensive user input
Lacks real-time editing features
No multi-user collaboration
No API integration
No offline mode
Limited to three versions
No attachment capability
Limited media type options


What is ITCOMMS?
How does ITCOMMS work?
What technology does ITCOMMS use?
How long does it take to generate a press release with ITCOMMS?
What kind of information does ITCOMMS need to generate a press release?
How unique are the press releases generated by ITCOMMS?
Does ITCOMMS support multiple languages?
Who can benefit from using ITCOMMS?
What's the purpose of the form on ITCOMMS's Press Release Generator?
How does ITCOMMS streamline the press release creation process?
How does ITCOMMS add to my company's progressive image?
What media types does ITCOMMS support?
How does ITCOMMS handle press contacts?
What is the quote field on ITCOMMS form used for?
Can ITCOMMS help generate a unique selling proposition (USP)?
Is there a way to specify the intended audience when using ITCOMMS?
Does ITCOMMS require information about my company?
Can ITCOMMS help me create a standard company description?
What is the significance of the speaker's name and position field in the ITCOMMS form?
What is the benefit of using ITCOMMS AI-Powered Press Release Generator?


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