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Platform generating unique artwork for custom apparel.
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I Wear Art is a platform that enables users to create unique artwork with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designs are generated based on the user's description of what they want, and can be applied to several types of apparel, including t-shirts and bags.

The apparel is made from high-quality cotton and is available in a range of sizes and colors. I Wear Art also offers a referral program, whereby users can receive a free apparel for every 5 people that buy an apparel through them.

Shipping is available to any location worldwide, and customers can join their mailing list to stay informed of new features and promotions.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unique designs
Customizable apparel
High-quality cotton apparel
Wide range of sizes
Wide range of colors
Referral program benefits
Worldwide shipping
Updated through mailing list
Integrated with Product Hunt
Affordable price
Discounted rates
Specific design prompts
Image background removal feature
23 color options for t-shirts
6 size options for t-shirts
11 color options for bags
Single size for bags
User-friendly interface
Christmas-themed examples
Easy sign-in and sign-up
Instagram account
Transparent terms and conditions
Clear privacy policy
Clear return policy


No mobile app
Limited apparel types
Dependent on user description
Only available in cotton
Referral program restrictions
Lacks inclusive sizing
Single color for bags
Promotions require email signup
No express shipping
Support contact not immediate


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How does the AI in I Wear Art determine my design?
What is the quality of the apparel offered by I Wear Art?
How many sizes and colors are available for t-shirts on I Wear Art?
Is it possible to remove the image background in my design with I Wear Art?
What materials are the bags and t-shirts on I Wear Art made of?
Does I Wear Art offer shipping to my location?
How do I know when I Wear Art has new features or promotions?
What is the referral program on I Wear Art?
How can I join the mailing list of I Wear Art?
What is the cost of my unique apparel on I Wear Art?
Are there any discounts available for my apparel on I Wear Art?
Is it possible to get a free apparel from I Wear Art?
How is AI used in the creation of designs on I Wear Art?
Can I get to choose the type, color, and size of my apparel on I Wear Art?
Can I make an order for my unique apparel on I Wear Art?
How long will shipping take for my unique apparel from I Wear Art?


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