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Discovering biomarkers for health research.
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JADBio Accelerate Biomarker Discovery - AutoML is a machine learning tool that automates the discovery of biomarkers without the need for coding. It uses auto machine learning to interpret the role of biomarkers based on the specific research needs.

The tool is available in the AWS Marketplace and can be used for accelerating drug discovery times and costs by leveraging technology to optimize the discovery process.

The platform can parse multi-omics data types such as genomics, transcriptome, metagenome, proteome, metabolome, phenotype/clinical data, and images. This enables researchers to quickly and efficiently obtain insights needed for research.

The tool has been used for early biomarker discovery, drug repurposing, and understanding response to treatment, among others. The tool also features no-code machine learning that enables users to automate biomarker discovery that is relevant to their research needs.

The company provides a wide range of support materials such as case studies, webinars, and a glossary to make it easier for researchers to get started with the platform.

JADBio also has partnerships with trusted companies such as Indivumed, QIAGEN, Ledidi, BioLizard, and Elucidata. Researchers can sign up for a free JADBio AutoML account to start using the tool.

Jadbio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Auto biomarker discovery
No need for coding
Partnerships with trusted companies
Supports multi-omics data types
Available in AWS Marketplace
No-code machine learning
Free AutoML account
Accelerates drug discovery
Used for early biomarker discovery
Useful for drug repurposing
Assists in understanding treatment response
Understands genomics data
Understands transcriptome data
Understands metagenome data
Understands proteome data
Understands metabolome data
Understands phenotype/clinical data
Understands image data
Provides valuable research insights
Provides webinars
Provides case studies
Offers a glossary for beginners
Automates predictive modeling


Only available on AWS
Limited company partnerships
Potentially expensive
Limited support material
AutoML dependency
Limited free usage


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