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Job recruiter platform.
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Jagir is an AI-powered job recruitment tool that aims to streamline the career search process by connecting job seekers with tailored opportunities and employers with top candidates.

The platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance the traditional recruitment process, providing a faster, more efficient, and personalized experience.Through its AI-driven matchmaking engine, Jagir compares job seekers' profiles with the job listings provided by employers.

This process takes into account various factors, including skills, experience, education, location, and cultural fit, to identify the best matches. The AI algorithms continuously learn and adapt over time, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the matching process.Jagir offers different subscription plans with varying features and benefits.

The Basic plan includes a 7-day trial, 1 company listing, 3 jobs per company per month, analytics, chat with CV, and 24-hour support response time. The Essential plan builds upon the Basic plan by offering 3 companies, 10 jobs per company per month, and higher priority in support.

The Growth plan provides the most comprehensive features, including 50 companies, 50 jobs per company per month, and highest priority in support.Overall, Jagir provides a platform that leverages AI technology to seamlessly connect job seekers and employers, revolutionizing the recruitment process.

By harnessing the power of AI, Jagir aims to make job searching and talent acquisition more efficient and effective for both parties involved.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored job opportunities
Efficient recruitment process
Various subscription plans
7-day trial available
Includes analytics
CV chat function
24-hour support response
Continuous learning algorithms
Company and job priority options
Personalized user experience
Can handle multiple companies
Can handle multiple jobs
Values cultural fit
Optimized for both employers and job seekers
Can request features
Skills-based matching
Experience-based matching
Education-based matching
Location-based matching


Limited company listings
Charges for feature requests
Limited jobs per company
24-hour support response time
No free trial offered
No internationally tailored options
Costly subscription plans
Limited to 3 plans
No mobile app available
No candidate tracking feature


What is Jagir?
How does Jagir use AI in the recruitment process?
What is the Jagir's AI-driven matchmaking engine?
How does the matching process in Jagir work?
What factors does Jagir consider when matching job seekers and employers?
How does Jagir's AI algorithms improve over time?
What subscription plans does Jagir offer?
What features are included in the Basic plan of Jagir?
What additional features are offered in Jagir's Essential plan?
What are the comprehensive features offered in the Growth plan of Jagir?
What is the cost of each subscription plan at Jagir?
Is there a free trial offered by Jagir?
What is the response time for support in each subscription plan on Jagir?
How does Jagir ensure a personalized experience for job seekers and employers?
Does Jagir provide an option for feature requests?
What is the maximum limit of job listings per company in Jagir's subscription plans?
Does Jagir provide analytics for the job listings?
How does Jagir help employers find their ideal candidates?
How does Jagir improve the traditional job search process?
What is the vision of Jagir as stated by the CEO?

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