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jagodaAI is an artificial intelligence powered online tutoring tool designed to assist students in over 30 school subjects. The platform aims to promote self-directed learning by not only providing the solutions to homework tasks but also explaining the steps to get there.

JagodaAI tailors its responses according to each student's school and grade level, continually learning with each new request. This ensures its tutoring content is adjusted to individual needs, promoting understanding of topics by answering additional queries from the students.

The system also includes a feature called 'MathpixScansTotal task' that allows you to photograph your homework, upload the image, and specify an area you want help with.

JagodaAI has the capability to translate its responses to over 20 languages, which can be particularly beneficial for non-English speaking learners. There are several plans available on the platform, including free options for individuals or teams, with varying levels of access depending on the chosen plan.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 30+ school subjects
Promotes self-directed learning
Detailed homework solutions
Adjusts responses per grade level
Constant learning with each request
MathpixScansTotal task feature
Supports 20+ languages
Free plans available
Offers subscription plans for teams
Individualized learning approach
Provides answer translation
Allows homework photograph uploads
Supports multiple learning plans
Explains solution steps
Adaptive learning
Homework assistance
Ability to ask further questions
Supports Latin, French, English, Geography, Biology in Starter plan
Sharing homework with friends feature
Multi-language support
Edutech tool
Allows checking text grammatically


Limited free plan
Limited subject range
Paywall for full access
No offline capacity
No human tutoring option
Subpar grammar checks
Exclusively English interface
Rigid curriculum adherence
Image quality requirement


What is JagodaAI?
How does JagodaAI promote self-directed learning?
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How does JagodaAI adjust its content to individual student's needs?
Can JagodaAI work with my specific school curriculum?
In which languages can JagodaAI translate its responses?
Can JagodaAI be beneficial for non-English speaking learners?
What are the different plans available on JagodaAI platform and what do they include?
Who are the potential users for JagodaAI?
How does the photograph and solve task feature work?
Does JagodaAI require any specific system requirements to run efficiently?
Does JagodaAI offer homework checking service?
Can JagodaAI help improve my grades?
How does JagodaAI handle complex math problems?
Can JagodaAI provide tutoring in German, English, Latin, French, Geography, Biology?
Can I share my homework with friends through JagodaAI?
Do I need to pay to register on JagodaAI?
What is the Learning Champion plan on JagodaAI?

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