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Summarizing meetings precisely and fast.
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Jamie is an AI assistant that creates summaries of meetings in business-writing quality within seconds. It uses audio from any meeting software, even in a meeting room, to generate summaries that are research-based and hosted securely in Frankfurt, Germany.

The model has been trained on more than 170 billion parameters and can be used across 15+ languages. It can also be customized to generate summaries as detailed or concise as the user desires.

Additionally, users can easily share summaries with their meeting participants with the click of a button. Jamie is designed to save users time, keep track of meetings, and help them to be fully present during the meetings.

It has been tested and proven by many organizations and individuals, and is receiving positive feedback from those who have used it.


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Jamie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Fast meeting summaries
Works on any device
Secure hosting in Germany
Trained on 170 billion parameters
Supports 15+ languages
Customization of summaries' detail
Easy summary sharing
Saves users time
Keeps meetings track
Tested by organizations
Used in meeting rooms
Intelligent summaries
Understands industry-specific concepts
Real-time summary generation
Delete audio data after use
Works in all modern browsers


Dependent on stable audio quality
No native apps, web-based only
Limited language support (15+)
Data hosted only in Frankfurt
Summaries can lack nuance
Requires user permission for each meeting
No automatic continuous use
Manually adjusting extent of summaries
May miss industry-specific concepts


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Can Jamie be used in an in-person meeting room?
Where are the summaries by Jamie hosted for data security?
On what parameters has Jamie been trained?
How can Jamie assist in being more present during meetings?
How has Jamie been received by organizations and individuals?
What makes Jamie's summaries 'business-writing' quality?
How many languages can Jamie interpret and summarize?
Does Jamie work based on written scripts or speech audio?
What is the use of Cookiebot in the context of Jamie?
How can Jamie help save users time?
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