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jamie - AI Notetaker for Meeting Notes & Automated Action Items

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jamie is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate the process of taking meeting notes and automating action items. The tool is compatible with any meeting platform and can also be used offline, offering flexibility in various settings.

It processes audio from meetings, producing a summary and transcript, and automatically generating action items. The aim is to alleviate the task of notetaking, allowing individuals to focus on the meeting while jamie handles the documentation.

Key features include transcript generation, task extraction, decision logging, and semantic search capabilities for easy retrieval of information. Another important aspect of jamie is its 'privacy-first' approach, meaning that meetings can be conducted without an intrusive virtual bot, and it does not require the installation of any plug-ins.

Other features include the ability to sort notes based on topics, support for multiple languages, and the capacity to create custom note templates. Importantly, jamie employs a smart learning process to improve its performance as you continue to use it, thereby, providing more context-related notes.


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Pros and Cons


Generates meeting summaries
Processes any meeting software audio
Summaries are research-based
Data hosted in Frankfurt, Germany
Trained on 170 billion parameters
Supports 15+ languages
Customizable summary detail level
Easy sharing of summaries
Compatible with any meeting platform
Can be used offline
Automatic generation of action items
Transcript generation
Task extraction feature
Decision logging
Semantic search capabilities
Privacy-first approach
No need for plug-ins
Sorts notes by topics
Can create custom note templates
Work context comprehension
Saves user time
Topic-sorted notes
Custom note templates
Hosted in Europe & GDPR-compliant
Ability to learn custom words
Retrieval of information from meeting notes
Extraction of discussed tasks
Detection of decisions
Notes shareable with one click
Semantic search across meetings
No intrusive virtual bot
Smart learning process for performance improvement
Support for multiple languages
Increased summary accuracy with custom words
Tested and proven by organizations
Positive user feedback
Facilitates note taking process
Automates tedious tasks
Extracts tasks from discussions
Logs decisions made in meetings
Summaries are business-writing quality


Data hosted only in Germany
Lacks real-time transcription
No virtual bot option
Offline mode limitations
Limited customization of summaries
Requires teaching custom words
Reliant on audio quality
Multi-language support unclear
Potentially high learning curve


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How does Jamie's topic-sorted note feature work?
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