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Your personal B2B assistant for sequence outreach and booking meetings.
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Jason AI is a conversational AI tool focused on enhancing B2B sales processes. It acts as a personal assistant to sales teams by automating outreach sequences, handling responses from prospects, and booking meetings.

The tool applies filters to target the most suitable prospects and creates personalized emails, follow-ups, and social media touchpoints to establish contact.

It also suggests the most effective channels to communicate the message. Jason AI can learn about a company, its offerings, and automatically respond to basic customer inquiries.

The tool helps to manage conversations with leads and offers counter-offers to handle 'Not Interested' responses. It can forward requests to the correct contact and reschedule or cancel meetings.

The AI tool can handle a variety of conversations with leads as it learns more and becomes more refined. Once a meeting has been requested, Jason AI can suggest a time and date and book the slot in the team's calendar.

Overall, Jason AI streamlines the engagement cycle by handling the full outreach process, thereby freeing up time for sales teams to focus on more complex tasks.

Jason AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates B2B sales conversations
Personal assistant to sales teams
Automates outreach sequences
Handles prospect responses
Books meetings
Applies targeting filters
Creates personalised emails
Generates follow-ups and touchpoints
Suggests communication channels
Learns about company offerings
Handles basic customer inquiries
Manages lead conversations
Offers counter-offers
Forwards requests to correct contact
Reschedules or cancels meetings
Learns over time
Suggests meeting time and date
Streamlines engagement cycle
Frees up team time
Targets most suitable prospects
Handles 'Not Interested' responses
Handles various conversation types
Sets up outreach sequences
Adapts to specific cases
Can provide product details
Automatically responds to inquiries
Reads and handles lead emails
Handles 'Not Now' responses
Can explain difference from competitors
Can provide detailed product explanations
Seamlessly handles meeting reschedule requests
Handles full engagement cycle
Awkwardness-free conversation ramp-up


Lacks multilingual support
No mobile applications
No integration with CRM
Limited social media touchpoints
No third-party app integrations
Limited customization of emails
Training time for company specifics
Can't handle complex enquiries
Doesn't support multiple calendars
Lack of user-defined filters


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How does Jason AI suggest effective channels for communication?
Can Jason AI forward requests to the right contact?
How does Jason AI automate my email process?
How does Jason AI handle responses from prospects?
What actions does Jason AI take when a prospect shows intent to book a call?
Can Jason AI suggest suitable times and dates for meetings?
What kind of responses can Jason AI handle from leads?
How can Jason AI help if I've reached out to the wrong person?
Can Jason AI provide more information about our products or services when required?
Does Jason AI help in filling up my calendar with appointments?

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