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Streamlines job description creation.
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HireQuotient's Free Job Description Generator is an AI-automated tool designed to help streamline the process of creating job descriptions, while also helping to widen the talent pool.

It is designed to generate job descriptions that are optimized for diversity, and is proven to have a strong user experience, with a 4.7 star rating out of 5.

The tool allows users to quickly craft expert job descriptions in seconds, and they can even sign up with their Linkedin account. Additionally, HireQuotient provides users with resources such as validity assessments and a newsletter.

The tool also ensures that users' privacy is respected, providing them with the ability to consent or deny permission for specific partners, and to review the purposes for which each partner believes they have a legitimate interest.


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JD Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines job description creation
Enhances talent diversity
High user satisfaction (4.7/5)
Fast generation of descriptions
Supports Linkedin sign up
Helpful additional resources
Inclusive of validity assessments
Includes newsletter
Respects user privacy
Customizable partner permissions
5x more applicants
90% time-saving
Diversity optimized
Guaranteed user experience
Quick JD crafting
Supports WhatsApp Business
Implements geolocation data
Option to manage consent
Newsletter subscription available


Requires Linkedin for sign-up
No mobile app version
No real-time customer support
Lacks multilingual support
No API for integration
Limited offline functionality
No built-in grammar checker
No custom templates provided
No mention of scalability
No job-board integration


What is the HireQuotient's Free Job Description Generator?
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How can I sign up for HireQuotient's JD Generator using Linkedin?
What is the user rating of the HireQuotient's Job Description Generator?
What resources does HireQuotient provide to the users?
How does HireQuotient's JD Generator respect user privacy?
Does HireQuotient's Job Description Generator provide any customization?
What are the benefits of using HireQuotient's Job Description Generator?
How much time can I save using HireQuotient's Job Description Generator?
How can I contact HireQuotient in case of any queries or issues?
Can I subscribe to HireQuotient's newsletter?
What is validity assessments provided by HireQuotient?
Why is HireQuotient's Job Description Generator referred as the 'Jedi of JDs'?
What personal data does HireQuotient's tool require for the process?
What happens if I decline all cookies and similar technologies on HireQuotient's site?
Which companies are using HireQuotient's Job Description Generator?
Does HireQuotient's Job Description generator guarantee user satisfaction?

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