Interior design 2024-03-25
Revamp your space effortlessly with our AI-powered room redesign tool.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven platform that aids in redesigning interior spaces. It utilizes AI technology to virtually modify the appearance of a room by rearranging furniture and altering decor.

The tool works by asking users to upload a photo of their space and choose an aesthetic theme that fits their preferences. From there, begins the redesign process.

The platform offers three key services: room redesign, virtual staging, and furniture replacement. Room redesign introduces fresh ideas into your existing space, potentially transforming its overall look and feel.

Virtual staging brings to life empty rooms by digitally adding furniture and decorations. This allows users to see what their room might resemble fully furnished with a specific design style.

Furniture replacement, meanwhile, focuses on changing specific items within a room. Users can swap specific pieces to explore different combinations.'s adaptability applies to various settings, ideal for those thinking about repainting, refurnishing, or simply extracting more potential from their interiors.

Moreover, users can tweak their designs by virtually painting over specific areas in the room and replacing individual items for more tailored results. is a free tool with limitations in the form of watermarked images. To achieve watermark-free images and more personalized services, users have the option to purchase additional credits.

All these capabilities put together make a versatile AI-powered environment for interior redesign, providing users the freedom to explore design ideas for their spaces.


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Pros and Cons


Redesigns interior spaces
Virtual room modification
Offers room redesign service
Provides virtual staging
Option for furniture replacement
Applicable to various settings
Enables virtual repainting
Results can be tweaked
Free with optional upgrades
Offers watermark-free images
Enables aesthetic customization
Supports design exploration
Optimizes space usage
Supports DIY home improvement
Changes specific items
Flexible design choices
Supports style preferences
Upload photo to start
Generate high-quality design visuals
Monthly free credits
Can analyze interior photos
Fast and efficient redesign


Requires photo upload
Limited free services
Watermarked images
Pay for more personalization
Relies on user aesthetic choice
No real-time view
No 3D visualization
Credits system can be confusing
Specific item change is limited
No mobile application


What is
How does work?
How can help in redesigning my room?
How can I use the virtual staging feature of
Can replace specific pieces of furniture in my room?
Can I virtually repaint parts of my room using
Is a free tool?
What are the limitations of the free version of
How can I get watermark-free images on
What additional services can I get when I purchase credits on
Can help me in refurnishing my room?
Can I experiment with different design styles on
What type of settings can I adapt with
Can I upload my own photo of my room for redesign?
Does offer a DIY home improvement solution?
Can help in space optimization through virtual modifications?
How do I choose an aesthetic theme in
Can bring my empty rooms to life by digitally adding furniture and decorations?
How is AI in used?
Can provide personalized design exploration for my space?

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