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Empower your tools with new abilities while gaining more information.
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The JetBrains AI Service and In-IDE AI Assistant are specialized tools designed to augment developer environments and team tools. These tools primarily work by bestowing your routinely used tools with new capabilities that empower users by providing them with more information at their disposal.

Consequently, this reduces the routine tasks a developer would normally perform, thus allowing users to stay in the flow of programming without unnecessary distractions.

Key features include providing an AI-assisted coding experience within the integrated development environment (IDE), enhancing efficiency, accuracy and productivity when writing code.

It is one of the many tools offered by JetBrains IDEs alongside their suite of other developer tools such as Aqua, CLion, DataGrip, DataSpell, Fleet, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, Rider, RubyMine, RustRover, WebStorm, WriterSide and many more.

It is worth noting that these tools are continually updated to stay abreast of emerging technologies and developer needs.


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Pros and Cons


Augments developer environments
Works with team tools
Increases information
Reduces routine tasks
Improves programming productivity
Enhances coding efficiency
Enhances coding accuracy
Continual updates
Part of JetBrains IDEs
Diversified developer tools
Reduced distractions during coding
Compatible with emerging technologies
Frequent upgrades
Providing a range of IDEs
Offered as part of JetBrains suite
Community-focused updates
Enhanced coding assistance
Integrated development environment
Context-aware assistant
Supports natural language chat
Automatic query supplement
On-demand code refactoring
Automatic test writing
Effective information summarization
In-context solutions
Cognitive burden reduction
Supports multiple development environments
Built-in Fleet support
Secure data handling
Support for on-premises models
Continuous model testing
Integrated with JetBrains products
Cost-effective assistant solution
Predictive agent workload in TeamCity
Automatic project build configuration
Prompt-based code generation in Datalore


Limited IDE compatibility
On-premise models pending
Over-reliance on updates
Integration not always seamless
Limited support documentation
Varied efficiency across IDEs
May reduce creativity tasks
No open source availability


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