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Simplify online content creation with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered online tool designed to streamline the creation of social media and blog posts. This tool enables users to generate content aligned with their target demographics, enhancing audience engagement and interaction.

Users are not required to worry about prompt engineering as the platform is equipped with pre-configured Post Types. This feature facilitates the content creation process by minimizing the time spent on brainstorming and focusing more on actual writing.

Additionally, recognizes the importance of context in content generation. Users can define their desired tones, keywords, and target audiences to ensure the outputs closely align with their project's-context, thereby making the content more relevant and effective.

Moreover, to maintain efficiency, there is a feature that keeps all posts organized under separate projects, saving each post with its original inputs to avoid any loss and provide an organized workflow. offers a risk-free environment where users can try and experience the tool, affirming its user-friendly, productive, and secure platform for content creation.

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Pros and Cons


No prompt engineering required
Content tailoring to tone
Keyword inclusion in content
Target audience specification
Intuitive organization system
Saves posts with inputs
Free to use
20 free credits available
Quick content generation
Supports social media posts
Supports blog posts
Enhances audience engagement
Pre-configured Post Types
Time-efficient content creation
Contextual relevance in content
Project-wise organization of posts
Risk-free trial
Inclusion of SEO Optimization
Automated content creation
Demographic targeting options


No mobile app
Limited free credits
No multi-language support
Unclear demographic targeting
Over-reliance on pre-configured Post Types
No user community or forums
No offline functionality
Lacks advanced SEO features
No collaboration features


What is
How does simplify the content creation process?
What is prompt engineering and how does eliminate the need for it?
Can I set specific keywords and tones in
What does mean by claiming it improves 'audience engagement'?
Does have features for blog writing?
How does help with SEO optimization?
Can I organize my posts within
Can I save unfinished posts in
How does support demographic targeting?
Is free to use?
Do I need a credit card to use
What benefits do I get when I claim 20 credits on
How does ensure 'writing efficiency'?
What does it mean that provides a 'risk-free environment'?
How can the contextual relevance feature on improve my content?
What are pre-configured Post Types on
How does enhance audience interaction?
Does guarantee originality in its generated content?
How secure is my content on

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