Generates Japanese-style interior designs for any room.
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Jife is a Japanese Interior design generator that uses AI to transform any room into a Japanese-style interior. The platform offers users a variety of room types to choose from, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, toilets, and genkans.

Users need to upload a clear image of the room they want to design and select a room type from the list of options. Jife’s AI algorithms then analyze the uploaded image and generate multiple interior design options in Japanese style.Users can choose from a range of famous Japanese designer styles, including the elegance of Tadao Ando and the playful and colorful designs of Shinichi Ogawa.

Jife also allows users to select a specific Japanese style that matches their personal taste, such as traditional Japanese design or Japandi.The platform offers affordable subscription plans that give users access to more credits at a discounted price.

Users can view and download their previously generated designs, and every design is unique so that users will never run out of fresh ideas for their interior design projects.Jife is not limited to interior design but also provides various services that make it easy and fun to explore Japanese lifestyle, such as providing delicious Japanese recipes and expert fashion advice that embodies the Japanese style and spirit.

Jife is dedicated to bringing the beauty and simplicity of Japanese living to the user's fingertips.

Jife was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates multiple design options
Range of famous Japanese styles
Allows personal style selection
Affordable subscription plans
Access to previous designs
All designs are unique
Offers lifestyle services
Wide range of room types
Premium and Enterprise room types
Flexible payment options
Fine tuning option
Offers specific Japanese styles
Inspired by Japanese culture
Wide range of services
Offers fashion advice
Generates Japanese dishes
Promotes balanced life
24/7 customer support
Specializes in Japanese design
User-friendly interface
Unique design for every user
Offers commercial licenses
Provides historical rendering access
Custom trained model


Requires clear, well-lit images
Need to manually select room type
Algorithm performance may vary
Results based on preset styles
No real-time design editing
Subscription for more design credits
Premium features behind paywall
Limited to Japanese styles
No advanced customization options


What is Jife?
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Can Jife work with any kind of rooms from kitchen to toilets?
What kind of Japanese designer styles does Jife offer?
Does the subscription plan offer any cost benefits?
Can I view and download my previously generated designs on Jife?
Does Jife guarantee that every design it generates is unique?
In addition to interior design, what other services does Jife offer?
How can I get started with using Jife?
Does Jife also provide Japanese recipes and fashion advice?
What is the process of generating a design using Jife?
How does Jife work with the picture that I upload?
What happens once I select a room type in Jife?
Do I need to purchase additional credits to use Jife's services?
How can I fine-tune my design with Jife?
Can I select a specific Japanese style with Jife?
What kind of room types can premium and enterprise users select?
How can I select my favourite Japanese designer style in Jife?
Can I access a design style that matches my personal taste on Jife?


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