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Web platform creates customized resumes for job seekers.
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Jobcopy is an AI-powered web application that helps job seekers create professional resumes, cover letters, and interview question and answer (Q&A) content by leveraging latest AI technology.

The platform offers personalized job recommendations, resume and cover letter builders, and advanced job search features to help users get a competitive edge in their job search.

With Jobcopy, users can create winning resumes quickly and accurately that are tailored specifically for their credentials or a job description. The generated resumes are fully editable, can be downloaded as a PDF and come with various templates.

Similarly, users can generate customized cover letters based on their credentials or a job description in minutes. The AI-powered platform allows users to prepare personalized interview questions and answers to ace every interview.

In addition, the platform specializes in accelerated job search by offering AI-powered JobHunt tool that provides in-depth job summaries and company insights.

Jobcopy also offers a drag-and-drop application tracking feature, JobTracker, to manage all job applications in one place. Jobcopy is created for job seekers with limited time due to work commitments or family obligations, experienced professionals wanting to take on a new challenge or move up within their field of work, career changers, and remote workers seeking help crafting resumes and preparing for interviews to stand out from other applicants vying for similar positions online.


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Jul 25, 2023
UI is a bit clunky but the job search page appeared to work. I tried generating a resume but ended up receiving an API error from OpenAI.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable resumes
Integrated cover letter builders
Advanced job search features
Personalized interview Q&A creators
Create resumes for specific job description
Downloadable and editable resumes
Various resume templates
Create personalized cover letter
JobHunt tool for accelerated job search
Detailed job summaries & company insights
Drag-and-drop application tracking feature
Optimized for job seekers with limited time
Supports experienced professionals
Helps with career changes
Designed for remote workers
Can generate Q&As based on job descriptions
Track all job applications in one place
Unlimited personalized resumes and cover letters
Unlimited interview Q&As
Editable documents feature
Free trial available
No credit card required for trial
PDF download option for documents
Offers application status tracking
Specialized in remote jobs
Helps prepare for interviews
Personalized job application process
Resumes based off credentials or job description
Automated resume and cover letter creation
Application tracking for multiple job applications
Pricing plans for different needs
Sales team for feature queries
In-depth company insights for job hunting


Limited template variety
Lacks offline functionality
No collaborative feature
Pricing not competitive
Limited personal customization
No multi-language support
Web-only: lacks mobile app
Lacks third-party integrations
No user data encryption


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Can Jobcopy help me manage my job applications?
Who is the target audience for Jobcopy's services?
Can Jobcopy help me showcase my transferable skills?
Does Jobcopy specialize in remote job searches?
How can Jobcopy save me time when applying for jobs?
What templates does Jobcopy offer for resume creation?
Can I get a free trial of Jobcopy's services?
What features does the unlimited plan of Jobcopy include?
How does the pricing of Jobcopy work?
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