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Auto apply to jobs, AI generated PDF resumes and cover letters, and more for free!

Tired of manually applying to jobs? Automate your job search with AI.

JobJette is revolutionizing the job search process by utilizing AI automation to reduce the time and effort spent applying to jobs.

Setup your job search and apply to thousands of jobs on LinkedIn with a single click, create ATS-friendly AI generated PDF resumes and cover letters, generate AI answers to open-ended job application questions, and track your job applications all in one place.

Can I try JobJette for free?
Yes, our Freebird plan allows you to experience all the app features at no cost.

How long can I use the free plan?
Forever, you can use the Freebird plan for as long as you like before purchasing a paid plan.

Can I switch plans at anytime?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to suit your job search.

Ready for takeoff?
Become a jet-setter and transform the way you find your next job.

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