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Jobr Pro offers a range of AI-powered tools aimed to simplify and enhance the job search process. Its core function is set on job search automation, finding and applying to jobs on behalf of the user, thereby saving them time and reducing job search stress.

This service includes a human review element to ensure correct job applications. Beyond this, Jobr Pro provides an AI Resume and Cover Letter Generator.

This tool automatically optimizes resumes and cover letters in line with each job description, improving the user's chance to stand out to potential employers.

Services are also available for tracking job applications, assisting users in preparation for job interviews and identifying key requirements of a job.

The program caters to user's specific job search requirements, finding opportunities that align with set preferences. Another interesting feature is the opportunity to get fresh jobs directly from company job boards linked with their applicant tracking system.

This significantly enhances a user's chance of being considered for a job.


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Pros and Cons


Job search automation
Human review of applications
Job application tracking
Job requirements identification
Preference-based job matching
Direct company job board access
50 job applications/week
Tailored resume optimization
Time-saving tool
Stress-free job search
Job interview preparation assistance
Fresh job opportunities
Jobs that match preferences
Human-reviewed automation
Optimized for ATS systems
Free job tracker
Specified job search preferences
Jobs from company portals
Save around 8 hours/week
Optimized cover letter generation
Single hub for job-tracking
Automatic application to jobs


No free trial available
Limited to 50 jobs/week
Human review may delay process
Only automated cover letter generation
No explicit support for internships
No direct employer contact
Subscription based pricing model
Resume optimization not independently available
May not support all job portals
No iOS or Android app


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How does Jobr Pro assist users in preparing for job interviews?
How does Jobr Pro identify key requirements of a job?
How does Jobr Pro cater to user's specific job search requirements?
How does Jobr Pro find job opportunities that align with my set preferences?
What is the benefit of getting fresh jobs directly from company job boards through Jobr Pro?
How does Jobr Pro link with company job boards and their applicant tracking system?
What services does Jobr Pro offer to reduce job search stress?
How does Jobr Pro help to enhance chances of standing out to potential employers?
How many jobs per week can Jobr Pro auto-apply to on my behalf?
How much time can I save per application using Jobr Pro?
Does Jobr Pro have a tailored resume feature?
What is Jobr Pro's AI cover letter feature?
Does Jobr Pro provide any free tools or services?
How much does Jobr Pro cost per month?

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