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Land your dream job faster with user-friendly AI tools. Instantly optimize your resume and cover letter for any job opportunity. Practice job interview questions with real-time, actionable feedback.

All you need is a resume and a job description. The AI does the rest:

It helps you tailor your resume to fit specific job descriptions. By doing this, your resume stands a better chance of getting through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and grabbing the attention of hiring managers.

JobSearch.Coach writes a personalized cover letter based on the strongest points of your resume and aligned with the job requirements in seconds. Each cover letter is unique, relevant, concise, and sounds natural.

The tool lets you practice job interview questions for your desired role and company. Receive real-time feedback and sample answers in mock interviews.

JobSearch.Coach is trained on high-quality data from experienced hiring managers, recruiters, and career coaches.

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