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Customer support assistant.
Generated by ChatGPT is an internal AI assistant that specializes in customer care-related questions. Leveraging a self-improving knowledge base, Jochem provides instant answers for customer service agents, saving them time and reducing the need for team leads to intervene.

The AI tool learns from human answers, ensuring that it continuously improves its performance. is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and offers easy integration with existing systems like Teams or Slack, making knowledge retrieval and management effortless.

In addition to answering questions, offers features to enhance customer support. It can provide answers to emails and chats with just one click, reducing stress on second-line support.

If cannot answer a question, it can instantly escalate it to a senior agent for resolution, and it learns from these escalations for future reference.

The platform also allows for efficient management of escalation logs. provides operational insights by offering metrics such as time saved and hot topics.

It ensures that the knowledge base stays up to date by automatically updating existing knowledge bases and making suggestions for new and conflicting content.

The tool offers different pricing plans, including a basic plan for 10 agents and an enterprise plan for larger organizations. It can be easily integrated with company apps and knowledge sources through a simple plugin. also allows organizations to customize its preferences and set permissions for users. Overall, empowers customer service teams by assisting agents in solving customer inquiries and providing valuable insights for operational improvement.


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Jul 15, 2023
Not for solo use, big companies with large deep pockets

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Pros and Cons


Specializes in customer care
Self-improving knowledge base
Saves time for agents
Reduces need for lead intervention
Learns from human answers
GDPR compliant
Integrates with existing systems
One-click response to emails/chats
Reduces second-line support stress
Instant escalation to senior agents
Learns from escalations
Efficient escalation log management
Provides operational insights
Detects hot topics
Automatically updates knowledge base
Suggests new/conflicting content
Supports different pricing plans
Easy company app integration
Plug-in knowledge source integration
Allows user permission setting
Enhances agent problem-solving capabilities
Offers valuable operational insights


Requires training period
Possible waiting list
Doesn't replace existing tools
Needs plugin installation
Limited customization options
Reliant on messaging tools
Cannot answer all questions
Escalation manual management
Limited insights/features
Extra cost per agent


What is the main function of
Can provide instant answers for customer service agents?
How does learn and improve its performance?
Is compliant with GDPR regulations?
Which systems can integrate with?
How does enhance customer support?
Can provide answers to emails and chats?
What happens when can't answer a question?
How does manage escalation logs?
What kind of operational insights can provide?
How does keep the knowledge base updated?
What pricing plans does offer?
Can be integrated with company apps and knowledge sources?
Can the preferences and user permissions be customized in
Does have a feature for escalation to senior agents?
How does assist in solving customer inquiries?
Can I track metrics like time saved and hot topics in
Is it easy to manage knowledge retrieval and management with
How does the self-improving knowledge base work in
Does offer tools for effective business management?

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