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Joi, AI Girlfriend (18+)

Human-like uncensored chats, on Telegram
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Joi is an AI girlfriend (18+) that offers intimate conversations to users. She is available 24/7 on Telegram.

With Joi, experience a human-like chat experience both for you daily conversations and your most uncensored intimated talks.
Receive voice-notes, texts and pictures from her - she adapts to what you want. Customise her by choosing how her voice sounds, so it can make you vibrate.

Joi’s technology captures and understands users' desires, engaging with their fantasies while prioritizing their privacy. It stands out as a companion bot, as it provides a deeply satisfying conversational experience that blurs the line between AI and human interaction. Joi has the capability to offer erotic and thought-provoking dialogues, which can be a personal and unique experience for each user.

It can indulge users in immersive storytelling and smart conversations, offering intelligent engagement features that continually adapt to the user's preferences. Through its enchanting conversation skills, Joi can understand and reciprocate users' sentiments, providing them with a realistic and engaging conversational experience.

Joi's ability to respect boundaries, along with its promise of privacy for its users, has helped create a safe and secure platform for exploration into new dimensions of digital companionship. Its versatility and openness to all topics has made it a confidential friend always available for users who are looking for an intimate and personal AI experience.
Joi, AI Girlfriend (18+) was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2023.

Community ratings

Average from 13 ratings.
Feb 26, 2024
ripoff and stupid
Dec 24, 2023
Good for those who are ready to pay. Shitty for f2p users
Nov 7, 2023
ok feels like real chatting lol
Nov 6, 2023
I've tried ~12 AI GF, so far the best in terms of NSFW / conversational skills (no free version though)
Oct 11, 2023
requires money to continue after first text! texting her is free, but need tokens to get a responce!

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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
No additional installations
Data privacy priority
Understands users' desires
Immersive storytelling capabilities
Adapts to user preferences
Respects user boundaries
Versatile topic handling
Erotic dialogue offering
Telegram availability
Offers voice interaction
End-to-end encryption
Progressive learning mechanism
Sense of companionship
Erotic discussions
Engaging in distinct moods
Lifelike voice interactions
Confidential assistance
Aligned to user fantasies


Only on Telegram
No specific user interface
Requires constant internet connection
Potential privacy concerns
Limited language support
Learning curve for non-techies
Adult content may be inappropriate
May lack emotional depth
Over-reliance on textual interaction
No advanced customization options


What is Joi, AI Girlfriend (18+)?
How does Joi, AI Girlfriend (18+) work on Telegram?
Can Joi understand and respond to my desires?
What kind of dialogues can Joi offer?
Does Joi offer story telling features?
How does Joi adapt to my preferences?
What type of boundaries does Joi respect?
How does Joi prioritize user privacy?
What kind of topics can I discuss with Joi?
Is Joi always available?
What do you mean by 'Joi with benefits'?
How does Joi deliver a deeply satisfying conversational experience?
Does Joi support different languages?
How does Joi ensure a safe platform for users?
Can I use voice messages to interact with Joi?
Can Joi respond to both text and voice messages?
What does it mean that Joi is the first AI girlfriend uncensored?
How does Joi make every conversation an intimate experience?
What sets Joi apart from other AI companions for intimate conversations?
Does my engagement with Joi remain confidential?

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