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Track diet and exercise as easy as chatting.
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Journable is an application that uses advanced artificial intelligence to make tracking diet and exercise as easy as having a conversation. Through a user-friendly chat interface, users can log their meals, workouts, and track their progress towards personalized health goals.

The application simplifies the process of keeping a food and fitness journal by allowing users to chat their way to health and fitness. Journable's unique feature is its AI-powered meal and exercise analysis, which provides instant nutritional and exercise insights based on users' inputs to the chat.

This feature enables effortless tracking of caloric intake and burn, essential for weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, users can set and track their individualized health goals within the app, offering a personalized touch to their health journey.

Journable's AI is also capable of understanding a wide variety of foods, from homemade meals to restaurant dishes, facilitating tracking of local and international foods.


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May 15, 2024
Love the simplicity and how quickly I can use this app without breaking my routine.

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly chat interface
Personalized health goals tracking
Instant nutritional insights
Instant exercise insights
Caloric intake and burn monitoring
Track a variety of food
Understanding of international foods
Understanding of restaurant dishes
Understanding of homemade meals
Simplifies food journaling
Simplifies fitness journaling
Chat-based logging
Effortless calorie tracking
Real-time meal tracking
Real-time exercise tracking
Speed and simplicity
Offers personalized touch
Understands complex food items
No need for manual databases


Limited to chat interface
No manual entries
Personalized goals may lack complexity
No integration with fitness trackers
Potential misunderstanding of user inputs
Dependency on internet connection
No community features or sharing
No mention of dietary restrictions
No detailed analysis or breakdown
Could lack detailed exercise logging


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Do I have to constantly monitor my calorie counts on food labels or at restaurants while using Journable?
How can using Journable save me time in my health journey?

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