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Travel itinerary generator based on user preferences.
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JOURNEAI is an AI-powered chat-based travel adviser that helps users create their next travel itinerary. By taking into account the user's preferences, whether it be skydiving, antique shopping, or taking small children, JOURNEAI is able to generate a personalized trip to any destination in seconds.

The user can navigate by using the arrow keys, zooming in and out, and jumping up, down, left, or right by 75%. The app utilizes data from OpenAI and Google Map, and is free and open.

However, donations and partnerships are encouraged to keep the app running. JOURNEAI is also available to share on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Jun 3, 2023
We offer now 2d and 3d maps (via the new photorealistic google map tiles), street view images, vis and currency information the weather at destination, caving trips and support for 9 languages. Discord

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Pros and Cons


Generates itinerary in seconds
Personalized trip suggestions
Considers multiple user preferences
Free, open tool
Accepts donations, partnerships
Navigable with arrow keys
Zoom in/out functionality
75% navigation jumps
Shareable on social platforms
Creates journeys from text
Can handle detailed instructions


Relies on user inputs
No data after 2020
Requires manual navigation
Unavailable offline
No mobile app
No offline capabilities
Sponsored content possible
Limited social media integration
Dependent on donations


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Does JOURNEAI use Google Map data?
Can I use JOURNEAI to plan a trip to any location in the world?
How quickly can JOURNEAI generate a travel itinerary?
How can I contribute to keeping JOURNEAI free and open?
What does 'Jump left by 75%' mean in JOURNEAI navigation?
What does it mean that this information is generated by an OpenAI neural network?
Why is there no data available after 2020?
Can I print my itinerary from JOURNEAI?
Does JOURNEAI provide a street view?
What are the terms of use for JOURNEAI?
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