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Efficient legal research with access to court decisions.
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Judichat is an AI-powered tool designed for legal research. It allows users to explore recent and relevant decisions from the Cour de cassation, a higher French court of last resort.

The tool enables the export of these decisions in PDF format, which can be further analyzed and queried using its intelligent legal chatbot. Key features of Judichat include the ability to browse through a vast database of recent and relevant court decisions.

Users can also feed these decisions to their own AI systems to facilitate learning and understanding. The tool provides the option to ask precise questions to the AI about specific documents and receive well-informed responses.

With Judichat, users can repeat the process of exploration, learning, and querying the AI to continually enhance their legal research activities. The tool offers services tailored to individual needs, including unlimited questions at a rate of 0,3€ per question.

Users can work with one document at a time and also add their own documents to the system. Additionally, Judichat provides 7-day support to ensure a smooth user experience.

Overall, Judichat empowers legal professionals and researchers with an accessible platform for efficient exploration and analysis of recent legal decisions, leveraging AI technology to streamline and enhance the legal research process.


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Judichat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Access to French court decisions
Export decisions in PDF
Intelligent legal chatbot
Vast database of decisions
Continual exploration and learning
Tailored services
Unlimited questions at 0,3€
Work with one document
Add own documents to system
7-day support
Supports efficient legal research
Enhances the legal research process


Limited to French legal system
No multi-document handling
Charge per question asked
Only PDF export option
User-submitted document uncertainty
Limited to recent decisions
No listed privacy measures


What is Judichat?
What key features does Judichat offer?
How does Judichat improve the process of legal research?
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Can I export court decisions using Judichat?
What formats can I download documents in on Judichat?
Can I feed court decisions to my own AI system using Judichat?
Can I enter my own documents into Judichat's system?
What is the pricing of Judichat?
Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask in Judichat?
How does Judichat's chatbot provide legal advice?
Does Judichat offer user support?
What type of information can Judichat's AI answer about specific court documents?
What courts' decisions can I access through Judichat?
Can I repeat the process of researching questions in Judichat?
Does Judichat cater to individual needs?
How can I sign up for Judichat?
Is Judichat's research confined to recent cases only?
What platforms is Judichat available on?
Does Judichat provide services in languages other than French?

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