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Legal document analysis and expert advice.
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Juri Flow is an AI tool that provides exceptional legal assistance to individuals seeking legal help. Users can upload any legal documents and communicate with the AI lawyer through a chat interface.

The tool allows users to ask questions, gain valuable insights, summarize content, locate critical information, and obtain expert advice, among other features.

Juri Flow is designed for lawyers, law students, and anyone facing legal dilemmas.In addition to personal legal assistance, Juri Flow also offers the option to consult with over 10 expert lawyers across diverse specialties, all of whom are powered by AI.

This feature provides 24/7 access to expert lawyers, saving users time and money. The tool offers personalized solutions, stress-free legal assistance, and eliminates the need for appointments.Juri Flow presents itself as an alternative to traditional legal services, with the goal of replacing hefty fees and providing accessible and convenient legal support.

The tool promises excellent legal assistance at any time and from anywhere, putting a highly skilled AI lawyer at the users' fingertips.Notably, Juri Flow offers a limited lifetime deal, with a limited number of licenses available.

Users are encouraged to create an account to access this offer.


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Juri flow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Upload any legal documents
Chat interface
Ask questions feature
Provides valuable insights
Content summarization
Locates critical information
Offers expert advice
Aimed at lawyers and students
Can consult 10+ experts
Experts cross diverse specialties
Accessible 24/7
Time and money saver
Personalized solutions
Stress-free legal assistance
No appointment needed
Limited lifetime deal
Few licenses available
Account creation option


Limited number of licenses
No real-time lawyer consultation
Cannot represent in court
Non-user-friendly chat interface
Possible privacy concerns
Limited specialty lawyer range
Depends on document clarity
No multilingual support
No offline version
No free trial mentioned


What is Juri Flow?
How does Juri Flow analyze legal documents?
Who can use Juri Flow?
Can non-lawyers use Juri Flow for legal advice?
What are the main features of Juri Flow?
What kind of legal assistance does Juri Flow provide?
How does Juri Flow connect me with expert lawyers?
How is Juri Flow different from traditional legal services?
Can I use Juri Flow at any time?
What types of legal documents can I upload to Juri Flow?
How can Juri Flow save me time and money?
What does Juri Flow mean by personalized solutions?
Do I have to make appointments to use Juri Flow?
What is the limited lifetime deal offered by Juri Flow?
How many licenses does Juri Flow have left for their limited lifetime deal?
Do I need an account to access Juri Flow's services?
How is Juri Flow's legal assistance stress-free?
How can Juri Flow assist law students?
In what specialties does Juri Flow provide expert advice?
Can Juri Flow help me locate critical information in my legal documents?

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