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Enhanced features empower creativity and communication.
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Just Think is an innovative app that combines various AI-driven features to provide users with a unique blend of creativity, education, and communication tools.

The app includes AI chat, text-to-speech, AI art, and AI image-to-video capabilities. With the AI chat feature, users can craft engaging and informative content using an OpenAI-based ChatGPT system to answer questions.

The text-to-speech functionality seamlessly converts written text into realistic synthetic voices, enhancing accessibility and communication. Users can generate professional-grade voiceovers for videos, presentations, and more, or even create a digital replica of their own voice for unique applications.The app also offers an AI art feature, allowing users to turn their words into beautiful visuals effortlessly.

Just Think's smart technology transforms text into stunning visuals, enabling users to experience the magic of words becoming art.Moreover, users can transform a single image and text into an engaging video using the image-to-video capability.

The app provides intuitive tools, multilingual support, and customizable styles to create personalized videos suitable for various purposes such as corporate training, product marketing, or conveying personalized wishes.Just Think stands out from other AI tools by combining multiple AI features into one comprehensive platform.

Users can access AI chat, text-to-speech, AI art, and image-to-video functionalities all within the same app, eliminating the need to log in to multiple applications.

Additionally, the app offers collaboration features, allowing users to work together on content projects and streamline the content creation process.


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Pros and Cons


Text-to-speech functionality
Personalized voice cloning
Image-to-video capability
Platform-based multi-feature access
In-built collaboration features
Multilingual support
Customizable styles for videos
Real-time project sharing
Task assigning capabilities
Work review functionality
Streamlined content creation
Multifunctional tool
Realistic text to voice
Educational tool enhancement
Captivating video creation
Intuitive user interface
Seamless project transitioning
Efficient content generation
Intelligent automation
Unique content creation possibilities


Requires account creation
Unclear data privacy practices
Potential voice cloning misuse
Dependent on text input quality
Visual output quality unclear
Potential collaboration workflow issues
Limitations in multilingual support


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