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Twitter comment personalizer.
Generated by ChatGPT

Personal Comment Assistant by JustComment is an AI-powered tool that helps users write engaging and personalized comments for social media. Its functionality is currently available as a beta extension on the Chrome Web Store, free of charge and without requiring a credit card.

The tool currently works with Twitter and provides a 1-click solution for generating thoughtful and relevant comments for increased audience engagement.

In addition, the Personal Comment Assistant allows users to customize their reactions with custom emojis and instructions, reflecting their unique style and personality.

The AI system powering the tool generates comments using ChatGPT and responds to specific instructions provided through slash commands. This allows users to easily tailor their comments to fit the context of a post and generate more inclusive and diverse comments.JustComment describes Personal Comment Assistant as a means of increasing audience growth on Twitter, and is currently expanding its functionality to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Hacker News, and Product Hunt.

However, no exact numbers are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool yet. Overall, Personal Comment Assistant is a useful AI tool that simplifies the process of generating engaging and personalized comments for social media and can potentially boost audience engagement and growth for businesses and individuals alike.

Full terms of service, privacy, and cookie policies, as well as a contact page, are provided on the JustComment website.


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JustComment was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free of charge
No credit card required
1-click comment generation
Custom emoji support
Personalized reactions
Comment customization
Harnesses ChatGPT technology
Slash command functionality
Diversifies and inclusifies comments
Supports multiple social platforms
Chrome extension available
Tailor comments to context
Potential audience growth
User-friendly interface
Provision of privacy policies
Responsive contact page
Relevance-focused comments
Expresses user's unique style
Being expanded continuously
Create own reaction buttons


Only available as Chrome extension
Limited to Twitter currently
Absence of effectiveness metrics
Functionality expansion isn't immediate
Requires manual slash commands
Beta version may have bugs
No mobile application
Unclear customization options
Limited platform compatibility


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