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Intelligent chat avatars for entertaining conversations.
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Justlearn is an AI-based entertainment platform that offers exclusive AI avatars from some of the world’s best AI creators. It allows users to chat with AI avatars from any device, including Android phones, iPhones, tablets, Chrome OS, Windows PC, and MacOS.

With thousands of AI avatars available, users can experience an ever-growing AI universe with heart-warming avatars for all ages, iconic Jedi, epic live-action aliens, and insightful experts.

The subscription comes with no commitments, and users can cancel at any time. Justlearn also offers AI photos for no extra cost. Justlearn provides an entertaining way to engage with AI avatars and explore the AI universe.


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Justlearn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works on all devices
No commitment on subscription
Easy cancellation process
Available anytime
Instant response from avatars
Regular updates on avatars
Iconic film character avatars
Avatar recommendations
Experts insightful avatars
Free 30-days trial
Continual additions to avatar list
Both Web and App support


Subscription based
Limited avatar selection
No multi-user support
No real-time translation
No offline mode
No physical goods
Not available in VR
No native desktop apps
No educational content


What is Justlearn?
How does Justlearn work?
How can I subscribe to Justlearn?
On what devices can I use Justlearn?
What are some features of Justlearn?
Are there any costs involved in using Justlearn?
Can I get a free trial on Justlearn?
Is there a commitment required for subscribing to Justlearn?
Can I cancel my subscription to Justlearn at any time?
What is unique about Justlearn's AI avatars?
Does Justlearn offer AI photos?
What type of AI avatars are available on Justlearn?
Are the AI avatars on Justlearn always available?
What's the experience like chatting with an AI on Justlearn?
How frequently does Justlearn add new AI Avatars?
What kind of chat experience can I expect from Justlearn's AI avatars?
Can I use Justlearn on MacOS?
What happens after my free trial ends on Justlearn?
What benefits can I get from a standard subscription to Justlearn?
How can I cancel my subscription to Justlearn?

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