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Boosts personal productivity and creativity.
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Kaba is an artificial intelligence (AI) native operating system that aims to enhance the intelligence and creativity of humanity's digital and physical worlds.

Unlike existing operating systems, Kaba is designed to embed AI at its core rather than as an add-on. It is a hybrid system that can boot from disk on metal or run on top of existing systems.

Kaba offers a private and secure experience for each user, providing a level of control and transparency that has not been achieved before. Users can take their setup, sessions, settings, and idiosyncrasies across different devices and time periods.

Privacy and security are prioritized, with advanced policy controls allowing users to partition their information based on personal, corporate, or any other desired digital presence.In addition to its focus on privacy and security, Kaba also emphasizes user learning and creativity.

Its AI-first architecture allows it to learn about the user and present data in ways that are tailored to their particular style of consuming information.

Kaba's polymorphic operating system provides an immersive computing environment and enables users to teach, mentor, and push their creativity.Kaba is built by a team with a proven track record of executing innovative products at scale.

It aims to be foundational and self-reliant, leveraging cutting-edge web technologies and polymorphic subsystems. By putting AI at the center of the digital experience, Kaba seeks to revolutionize the future of computing and ensure that companies adopting AI today will not be left behind by outdated technology tomorrow.


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Aug 11, 2023
Extremely excited about this project and all the possibilities that follow!

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Pros and Cons


Hybrid system compatibility
Private secure experiences
Transfers setup across devices
Prioritized privacy and security
Advanced policy controls
Encourages user learning and creativity
Tailored data presentation
Immersive computing environment
Fosters teaching and mentoring
Polymorphic operating system
Built by proven team
Supports legacy web technologies
Supports cutting-edge web technologies
Foundational and self-reliant
Infinitely composable environment
Content presentation based on Zipf distribution
Supports polymorphic subsystems


Limited compatibility with hardware
Potential learning curve
Lacks standard OS functionalities
Reliance on cutting-edge technologies
May conflict with existing systems
High system requirements
Insufficient information about troubleshooting
Unknown performance on legacy systems
Undefined software ecosystem
May raise new security concerns


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How does Kaba support user learning and creativity?
What technologies does Kaba leverage?
How does Kaba aim to change the future of computing?
What does Kaba mean by 'become superhuman'?
What is the problem in the market that Kaba aims to solve?
How is Kaba designed to benefit both consumers and enterprises?
How does Kaba help in controlling and preventing data loss?
What is the concept of 'Digital Selection' in Kaba?
Can Kaba run on any hardware?
How has Kaba utilized research in memory development to enhance user learning?
Who are the team behind Kaba and what is their track record?

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