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Automated data exploration for analysis & visualization.
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Kanaries RATH is an AI-enhanced data exploration tool that can help automate discovery patterns, insights and generate charts and dashboards from multi-dimensional data.

It simplifies the workflow of data wrangling, exploration, and visualization with its powerful automation capabilities. It contains a number of features, such as the Augmented Analytic Engine, which allows users to explore and visualize datasets with one click, the Copilot for Data Exploration, which learns user intentions and generates relevant recommendations, Data Painter to identify complex visual patterns and their potential causals, and Data Preparation to aid in data cleaning and transformation.

Additionally, its Graphic Walker component allows users to embed visual analytics into web and mobile applications. Kanaries RATH is an invaluable tool for businesses, as it enables users to analyze data more quickly and accurately, making it easier to make informed decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Automated data exploration
Generates charts and dashboards
Simplifies data wrangling workflow
Powerful automation capabilities
One-click data exploration
Intelligent recommendations generator
Data Painter for pattern identification
Data Preparation features
Data cleaning and transformation
Graphical Walker for embedding
Speeds up data analysis
Enhances accuracy of analysis
Supports multi-dimensional data
Augmented Analytic Engine
Causal relationship identification
Embedded in web and mobile apps
Supports better prediction models
Eases business decision making
Helps explore complex patterns
Easy-to-use data visualization
Add to current workflow
Supports data transformation
Supports data cleaning
Assists in data sampling
Automatic visual pattern discovery
Supports statistical analysis
Intelligent text pattern discovery
Open-source platform
Community support via GitHub
Real-time news and updates
YouTube channel for guides
Integrated causal analysis


Unclear data security measures
No offline usage
No integrated version control
Possible over-reliance on automation
Not open-source
No specified collaboration features
Limited to web and mobile applications
Learning curve for non-experts
No multi-language support
No clear data import capabilities


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How does Kanaries RATH contribute to better prediction models and business decisions?

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