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Kaoffee is an AI tool powered by Chat GPT that offers personalized chatbot services for businesses. It allows users to train Chat GPT on their own data and embed it on their website to answer customer questions about their business, products, services, and more.

Implementing Kaoffee's chat module on a website is simple and straightforward, requiring only a few steps, button clicks, and minimal typing. Users have full access to the message history log, and all data is securely stored on AWS.The tool provides customization options such as adding a company logo, selecting a chat bubble icon and position, and adjusting the temperature for more creative responses.

Kaoffee emphasizes its simplicity, claiming that users can have their own personalized chatGPT in as little as 10 minutes. Kaoffee supports .txt files for training the AI model, and it is recommended to provide well-formatted and accurate text, avoiding tables and charts.Kaoffee aims to help businesses and organizations add an AI-powered chatbot to their websites at an affordable cost.

Although it mentions a free trial, it does not provide exact details on its duration. The FAQ section addresses commonly asked questions about the tool's functionality, target audience, features, trial availability, future updates, ease of use, file formats, language support, data storage, GPT tokens, and troubleshooting.Overall, Kaoffee offers businesses a user-friendly and customizable chatbot solution empowered by Chat GPT to enhance customer interactions on their websites.


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Kaoffee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized chatbot services
Easy website embedding
Access to message history
Data stored on AWS
Customizable chat module appearance
Can train on own data
Supports .txt files
Quick implementation
Affordable pricing
FAQ section addressing queries
Optional chat behavior customization


Limited to .txt file support
Lacks detailed pricing information
No multilingual support
Troubleshooting guidance unclear
Minimal UI customization
Temperature customization ambiguous
Embedding process could be complex
No specific details on free trial
Tables, charts not supported


What is Kaoffee?
How does Kaoffee use Chat GPT to offer personalized chatbot services?
What are the requirements to embed Kaoffee on a website?
Can I access the message history log in Kaoffee?
How secure is the data stored on Kaoffee?
What customization options does Kaoffee provide for my chat bubble and logo?
How quickly can I establish a personalized chatbot with Kaoffee?
Why does Kaoffee recommend using well-formatted, accurate .txt files for AI model training?
How affordable is Kaoffee for businesses?
What is the duration of the free trial offered by Kaoffee?
What common questions does the FAQ section of Kaoffee address?
What kind of businesses is Kaoffee suitable for?
Is Kaoffee easy to use?
What are the steps to train GPT on Kaoffee?
What are some tips for providing texts to Kaoffee for training the AI model?
Can I adjust the behavior of my chat module on Kaoffee?
How do I embed Kaoffee on my website?
Why should I use .txt files for Kaoffee?
What languages does Kaoffee support?
What are GPT tokens in Kaoffee and how can I measure them?

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